Are Converse Good For Skating? TOP 5+ Detail Reason

Are converse good for skating? I recall a period when Converse shoes were in style, and if you didn’t have them, you were considered a loser. Skateboarding necessitates the use of a shoe that is light, resilient, and flexible. Let’s see what Converse has to offer and whether they’re good skate shoes.

Converse sneakers are excellent skateboarding footwear. Converse has a large assortment of shoes on the market, including Converse CONS, which is a skate shoe line. These skating shoes are equipped with a number of characteristics that make them an excellent pick.

Converse are one of the classic brands that have been found on the feet of skateboarders for decades. While many shoe manufacturers make shoes that would work well for skateboarding, Converse are one of the classic brands that have been found on the feet of skateboarders for decades.

are converse good for skating

What Makes Converse Shoes Good for Skateboarding?

The Converse CONS brand reimagines classic Converse styles for skateboarding.

Converse’s patented CONS Traction Rubber is used on the rubber backing and rubber soles across all models. The skater can feel the board beneath their feet because to the increased durability, grip, and flexibility of this rubber.

For greater shock absorption and distribution, CONS models offer additional cushioning inside the shoe. While the original Chuck Taylor All-Stars were exceedingly thin, the current models provide more protection and comfort while still maintaining the Converse design.

Many of the CONS shoes have additional features that are excellent for skateboarding, such as an elasticated tongue, rubber toe-cap, and are available in mid- or high-top styles for enhanced ankle support and protection.

While not all Converse shoes are suitable for skating, the CONS line is an excellent option if you avoid the canvas models and opt for suede instead.

After a few ollies, the canvas is likely to rip and holes will appear sooner rather than later. Canvas is great for less demanding cruiser riders, but technical skaters will rip it to shreds on the first day. Your deck’s grip tape will chew through the material, especially if it’s fresh. When shopping for shoes, keep this in mind.

Are Converse Good for Skating?

a. The material

The Converse shoe gusset is made of elasticized mesh, which is breathable. There are no seams, which makes it more comfortable. When the foot moves, the tongue of the shoe stays straight and does not slip from side to side.

b. For your toes

Converse’s toe caps are strengthened with additional stitching and rubber for enhanced protection and durability. When executing frontside flips or 360s, the toe section of the shoe will not wear out early.

are converse good for skating

c. The weight of the Converse

The fact that the shoe is strengthened does not imply that it is hefty. Converse, for example, is light because bulky shoes make it difficult to skate and accomplish flips.

Short and long-distance skating is done with light shoes. This is how the shoes should be made to help with breathability, comfort, and speed.

d. Reinforcement

Reinforcement is required in the skating shoe. Skating is bad for shoes and causes them to wear out faster. Converse are more all-terrain skate shoes with extra features to help them handle tough terrain.

If you’re always performing board stunts, you’ll need a lot of help. Also, because you are dragging your foot when performing ollie stunts, toe strengthening, such as toe caps, is essential.

e. Added protection

Converse and other skate shoe brands have padding at the heel collar. When you’re moving, this helps to hold your foot in place. In addition, certain models include a double heel collar that protects your heels even more.

f. Stitching

Look for skate shoes with double or triple stitching to identify a good quality pair. Avoid any that are glued together or simply have one thread. The shoes will stay together for a longer time thanks to the double stitching.

Types of Converse Good for Skating

a. Leather

Mid-top Converse shoes have a leather lining that is soft with thick padding. This is suited for skaters to give their feet more protection. In addition, the mid-tops offer more protection to the ankles than the low tops. These are best used for light skateboarding.

b. Suede

Suede is a great choice. These Converse shoes are great for skating, but they can take a while to wear in. You might need to consider going up half a size if you don’t have the time to wear them in. Also, suede doesn’t have much ventilation during the hotter months and can retain moisture and sweat.

Types of Converse Bad for Skating

a. Canvas

Canvas is not a durable as the suede type and is a lighter material. As a result, canvas shoes don’t last as long.

There is no ankle or toe support with the canvas style, which is essential for skateboarders.

Canvas can rip easily, which doesn’t suit skateboards training or competing in competitions.

How to Choose Converse for Skating?

a. Your skating level

Your skating performance is influenced by the sort of sneakers you wear. The best skate shoes for skaters are determined by the nature of the tricks they perform and their skating ability (beginner, intermediate, expert).

Skaters who want to skate on flat surfaces should choose a light skate shoe with minimum protection.

b. Your skating style

Today, there are a variety of skating styles to choose from. Longboarding, inline skating, speed skating, roller derby skates, figure skates, ice dancing shoes/skates, hockey skate boots/skates, dance shoes/skates, and a variety of other activities are among them.

Because there are so many various styles of skateboarding shoes that offer distinct benefits, it’s important to get the correct Converse for your skating style.

There are sneakers that provide more stability and grip, as well as shoes with soft foam pads to soften the impact of a fall, depending on your needs.

c. Converse ole thickness

Converse Shoes are noted for their quality and classic aesthetics. The quality of the shoes, however, is not only determined by the material or style, but also by the sole.

Converse’s soles are comprised of vulcanizing rubber, a type of rubber that is both durable and flexible. Because it does not leave any traces on your feet, this sort of rubber is quite comfortable for all of your feet.

d. Heel protection

Despite the fact that these shoes are becoming increasingly fashionable, it is critical to ensure that you are wearing the appropriate protection gear.

If you’re going to get some new Converse shoes or pants, make sure you get some good skateboard protection.

Converse’s new Protec Heel Guards safeguard your foot from any potential incidents on the board. They have a stylish look and are sturdy and durable.

e. Toe caps

The most significant portion of your sneaker is the toe cap. It is recommended that you do not change the size or model of your shoe if you need to replace them.

Rubber, resin, leather, and neoprene are the four distinct varieties of toecaps available.

Toe caps made of rubber or resin have a vintage aesthetic, whilst neoprene toe caps are more casual.

Plastic toe caps are new and may appear science fiction-like, although leather toe caps are sleek and contemporary.

f. Foxing tape

The foxing tape is a revolutionary new product that may add an extra layer of protection to your sneakers.

The idea is straightforward: the tape, which comes in a variety of colors, is placed to the shoe and keeps it from becoming soiled.

g. Elastic gusset

The Converse skate shoe’s elastic gusset prevents wear and tear from destroying the shoe. It’s a lengthy rubber strip that wraps around the inside of the shoe’s perimeter.

The gusset also distributes pressure over a larger surface area, making it more durable. This rubber is made of high-quality, non-toxic material.

Final Thoughts

Skateboarders have unique shoe requirements that other sports may not have. Skaters who are tall or hefty, for example, have considerably greater requirements.

We require a shoe that is both robust and lightweight, as well as flexible. So that impact is absorbed, comfort and foot protection must go hand in hand, but they must still be able to feel the board beneath their feet.

There are several terrific skate shoes on the market, and Converse, which has been synonymous with skateboarding since the sport’s inception, can be a great choice.

Their (suede) CONS line, in example, features a variety of shoes that provide comfort, protection, and mild durability while maintaining the distinctive Converse look.

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