5+ Best Insoles for Military Boots In 2022 – Best Review

A decent pair of boots is made up of a lot of different parts. The insole is one of the most crucial of these components. The insole is the component of the boot with which your foot makes touch and which separates your feet from the boot’s midsole and outsole.

When you walk or run, you put a lot of strain and stress on your feet, so a sturdy, comfortable insole that can absorb the shocks of your movement may transform a decent pair of boots into a terrific pair.

See detailed information about best insoles for military boots in 2022 in this posts.

Best Insoles for Military Boots

Military and Combat Boot Functions

Military or Combat Boots are designed to give strong grip, ankle stability, and specific foot protection against various environmental and physical variables, and are worn by soldiers during combat or combat training.

Most military boots have waterproof leather uppers and a thick, durable rubber outsole with good traction. Some are designed to function in specific climes or for specific purposes, such as jumping or being used on tankers or in extreme heat.

Military and combat boots are now worn not only by military personnel, but also by other security and law enforcement personnel for similar protection and functionality.

Finally, no matter who you are, your Military boot will keep your feet comfy and safe.

Why You Need a Good Insole in Your Military Boots

Running and moving around, occasionally jumping and climbing on rugged and hard surfaces, is something that most law enforcement personnel, the military, and other security officers do a lot of.

With this in mind, I believe the most significant feature of a Military boot’s insole is cushioning and shock absorption, which protects your feet from walking and running on rough surfaces.

  • Flexibility is also a must because crawling, jumping, and climbing, as well as working in a variety of positions and on uneven surfaces, necessitates a sole that moves with you.
  • Good arch support for your arch type, as well as good stability features for your heels, such as a heel cup, are always vital to protect you from Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis.
  • Breathability: Finally, with this type of job, your feet will get hot and sweaty, depending on the weather, thus breathability and moisture wicking properties are essential.
  • A customized boot with insulation and a plush insole can be worn for extremely cold weather or snow, though this is not always the case.

Features of a Good Military Boot Insole

Here are a few main features that are Crucial in Your Military Boot Insoles

  • Full-length insoles with trim-to-fit choices or the correct fit for your Military Boot should be used.
  • It’s critical to have good anatomical arch support for your arch type.
  • Stability, balance, and alignment are all improved with a deeper and more comfortable heel cup.
  • The insole should assist in appropriately distributing weight and effectively absorbing shock.
  • EVA or memory foam provide good cushioning for comfort and support.
  • Shock-absorbing gel padding in the forefoot and heel.
  • AEGIS or Silpure are examples of antimicrobial treatments.Top lining is moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry and comfy.

Best Insoles for Military Boots in 2022

1. Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles were created with massaging gel technology specifically for persons who lead active lives.

If you spend the most of your day on your feet, you understand how critical it is to have the proper support.

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

These insoles have a contoured arch shape that aligns the foot properly while also delivering cushioning where it’s needed for a more comfortable step.

They also aid in the prevention of overpronation and the management of excessive foot motion.

These insoles assist support the arch for improved comfort and are made with responsive-wave cushioning to alleviate stress on hard or uneven surfaces.

These insoles will be a welcome travel companion during your military service, thanks to their reinforced construction and robust design.

The heel is built with extra gel that has been carefully crafted using Massaging Gel, which is softer and more bouncy, providing you with improved cushioning and support.

These Gel Waves change and flow with you, evenly spreading pressure across the front of the insole and letting you to move more comfortably.

It also incorporates cooling vents to keep your feet cool and dry while wearing tactical boots.

However, some users have complained that Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles are too thin to provide adequate cushioning.


  • Contoured arch design
  • Responsive-wave cushioning
  • Durable reinforced construction
  • Extra gel on heels
  • Cooling vents

  • Lacks cushioning

2. PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles

For all active duty service members, the PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles give maximum, immediate pain relief for hurting feet and legs, assist prevent foot-related injuries, and improve comfort levels.

These insoles were created to provide maximal arch support during lengthy walks in boots while keeping feet pleasant and relaxed during outdoor training routines.

Plantar fasciitis, mild to moderate pronation, metatarsal pain, heel and arch discomfort, flat feet, aching and fatigued feet, and other common foot issues benefit from these orthotic inserts.

These boot insoles work to ease discomfort caused by these disorders by reducing shock and stabilizing your arch while offering the best heel cushioning available.

It boasts a semi-rigid arch support shell that is firm but flexible for better motion control, and a deep heel cradle that improves motion control and overall support.

The PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles also have a luxurious top layer and a durable EVA foam foundation, as well as Variable Cushioning Technology, which gives a dual layer of targeted and controlled cushioning.

This allows you to walk longer and stronger while also improving stability by boosting support under the foot at high-pressure regions.

PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles

Furthermore, the step-in comfort design ensures that you are comfortable throughout your military service.

Despite this, several individuals have pointed out that while the top cushioning layer improves shoe comfort, it is not very durable and wears out rapidly.


  • Alleviates foot pain
  • Semi-rigid arch support
  • Deep heel cradle
  • EVA foam base
  • Variable Cushioning Technology
  • Plush top layer

  • The top layer is not durable

3. Sof Sole Insoles

The Sof Sole Military Boot Insoles are made to provide you with the support and comfort you need for long days on your feet without sacrificing style.

These insoles are also ideal for use with police boots and can resist the harsh conditions of the outdoors, which is a plus.

They have a 100% Polyurethane sole for long-lasting comfort, greater shock absorption, and maximum durability.

It protects the bottoms of your shoes and has a sturdy construction, as well as a solid soft underfoot feel.

Aside from that, the forefoot shock-absorbing gel provides excellent cushioning and lowers contact stress on the feet while walking.

On the heels and arches, these insoles have a built-in Skydex air bubble infusion system that helps absorb shock and soften each stride.

It also adds added stability to your gait, letting your feet to move freely and smoothly.

To top it off, the Sof Sole Insoles’ COOLMAX fabric top cover wicks sweat away, keeping feet cool and dry.

It also contains antibacterial qualities, which help to prevent the formation of microorganisms that cause odor.

Only one complaint has been that the insoles underfoot are not sufficiently sticky, causing them to slip and move slightly under the boots.


  • Polyurethane sole
  • Gel in forefoot
  • Skydex air bubble
  • COOLMAX fabric top cover
  • Durable and breathable

  • Tend to slip slightly

4. Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles

Plantar fasciitis or other related issues are one of the most common difficulties that people who wear military or army boots face.

The Walk Hero plantar fasciitis insoles will alleviate these issues while also providing additional support to keep you going in your duty and tasks.

These insoles were designed to ease the pain and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis while also improving foot alignment.

It also relieves pain from bunions, ball of foot pain, Achilles tendonitis, arthritis, diabetes, and a variety of other conditions.

Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles

Its semi-rigid orthotic arch support resists typical flexes that occur when walking or running for long periods of time, resulting in improved balance and skeletal alignment, as well as the prevention of additional damage and injuries.

It’s a great method to stay in shape while also protecting your feet from the consequences of having flat feet or narrow arches in the future.

Furthermore, the deep heel cup promotes proper foot placement during walking or running and protects your heel from the hard stress of landing.

When walking or running, it also stabilizes the foot while correcting over-pronation or supination.

They’re composed of superior EVA foam, which is great for shock absorption and pain treatment. The fabric also keeps your feet cool and light, so your shoes don’t feel bulky.

The negative to the Walk Hero Feet Insoles’ support is that they don’t give much cushioning and sometimes feel a little too stiff.


  • Relieves foot pain
  • Promotes better foot alignment
  • Semi-rigid orthotic arch support
  • Deep heel cup
  • Made of EVA foam
  • Lightweight and breathable

  • Feels a bit too firm

5. Happystep Memory Foam Insoles

The Happystep Memory Foam Insoles will have your feet feeling great in no time if you have foot discomfort or want the most comfortable army boot insoles.

These memory foam orthotics are incredibly soft and ultra-plush, contouring to the shape of your feet and eliminating toe-dragging while walking or jogging.

They’re comprised of high-density memory foam, so you’ll get plenty of cushioning, support, and stability.

Furthermore, by spreading weight equally across your foot, its design specifically delivers robust, steady support.

The foam in these insoles is around 18 inches thick throughout the footbed, with a 14-inch thickness in the heel.

This added cushioning on the heels raises the feet somewhat, reducing stress on the tendon and improving stability while standing or jogging.

It also relieves plantar fasciitis and other foot ailments by easing strain on your Achilles tendon and supporting your foot’s natural structure.

These insoles also provide orthopedic cushioned arch support that conforms to the specific contours of your feet and provides support to persons with neutral or medium arch types.

Happystep Memory Foam Insoles claim to bounce back after two seconds, but they flatten out over time, losing their cushioning in the long term.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Follows natural foot shape
  • Extra heel cushion
  • Cushioned arch support

  • Flattens down over time


The significance of a good pair of military boot insoles cannot be overstated.

Military boots are designed for long-term use and must be sturdy, strong, comfortable, and practical. That’s why it’s so important to give your feet the support and comfort they require.

Choosing the correct insoles for your army boots is a crucial step in improving the comfort and longevity of your military boots, so think about everything mentioned above and feel free to look at the items mentioned.

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