The Best Insoles For Supination Your Need To Know

Supination of the foot is quite unpleasant and can cause knee and back discomfort. There is a slew of options for dealing with this issue. Supination insoles are used during exercise and physiotherapy sessions. The advantages of doing so are enormous—difficult it’s to put a price on pain relief.

As a result, we’ve produced a list of the best insoles for supination. There are four things on the list that go above and beyond. They give the necessary comfort and pain alleviation with relatively few drawbacks.

Supination of the Foot: An Overview

Before we can solve the problem of foot supination, we need to know what it is. This involves figuring out what causes it and how to treat it. You’ll be in a better position to appreciate the performance of our recommended items now that you know more about them. You’ll also be able to take preventative measures to lower your risk of foot supination.

What Is Supination of the Feet?

Your foot should pronated when walking or running. This is the best foot mechanism available. When your foot has a tiny inward roll, the weight of your body is distributed on the ball of your foot.

Supination is the opposite of pronation. The weight is concentrated on the outside borders as the foot rolls outward. When walking or sprinting, you’ll push off from the outer borders of your foot rather than the big toe, as is the case with pronation. Supination is also known as under-pronation.

Best Insoles For Supination

Supination is inefficient, in case you didn’t notice. Pronation is preferred by your biomechanics, and any other position will induce pain and aches. The alignment of your body will deteriorate. Supination can lead to a range of problems, including:

  • Aches in the back and hips.
  • An ankle injury and stress (avid runners are more likely to experience this).
  • Knee aches and pains
  • Inflammation of the sole (referred to as plantar fasciitis).
  • Hammertoe.

You can see how critical it is to avoid foot supination from this list. People can perform a variety of things to reduce the consequences of foot supination. Exercise can help to strengthen the muscles and tendons in the foot. Another option is to use the best supination insoles.

What Causes Supination of the Feet?

Supination is caused by tendons and muscles that are weak. This is due to three key factors. These are the following:

  • Bad footwear.
  • A problem that has been passed down through the generations.
  • Previous injuries.

Poorly Fitting Shoes

The primary cause is wearing shoes that are poorly built. We don’t mean the shoe’s outward appearance when we say “badly designed.” Instead, we’re discussing how shoes work. The primary function of a shoe is to facilitate movement; aesthetics are secondary.

The foundation of your body is your feet. Your body can be misaligned if you wear shoes that don’t work well. In most people, this is the primary cause of foot supination. This misalignment is exacerbated if you run in the wrong shoes or exercise with bad technique.

Remove any shoes from your closet that weaken your foot’s tendons and muscles. If you have aches or plantar fasciitis, you’ll know they’re weakening your feet.

Examine your shoes if you’re not sure if you’re going to supinate. Are the exterior borders of the shoes showing more wear? Do they tilt outward when placed on a level surface? If either of these situations occurs, you’re likely to develop foot supination.

Inherited Issue

The second source of foot supination is heredity, which results in foot anatomy that isn’t designed for pronation. This group of people has a hard time avoiding foot supination and the repercussions that come with it. Their foot anatomy weakens muscles and tendons, necessitating extra attention.

Check with your relatives to see whether you have a genetic condition. If any of your family members have knee discomfort or pains, you may have an inherited foot condition. Consult a physiotherapist if you have any doubts or are afraid.

An example of a hereditary condition is high arches. One or both heels lean towards the center of the body when a person has high arches. As you can expect, this has a number of ramifications. Ankle instability, x, and foot supination all increase the risk of injury. Supination insoles are essential for those with high arches.

Injuries in the Past

Previous injuries will always have an impact on future performance. Supination is already a problem for people with “normal feet,” and the risk increases if they’ve had previous injuries. To develop muscles and tendons, one must exercise and stretch the foot while wearing the correct shoes. Supination of the foot will be less likely in the future as a result of this.

Best Insoles For Supination

Supination Foot Treatment

Get a gait study if you have any symptoms and suspect that foot supination is the culprit. This determines whether supination is the source of your discomfort.

The treatment you receive will be determined by the severity of your symptoms. The purpose, though, is to ensure that your body realigns and corrects your supinated feet. This will ensure that you do not sustain any further injuries.

The following are the most common treatments for significant foot supination:

  • Choosing the Best Supination Insoles: This is a low-cost method of misalignment correction. You can use an insole instead of buying new shoes. The advantages of this small modification are enormous.
  • Wearing supinator-friendly athletic shoes: When playing sports, this is essential if you have high arches or supinate. These shoes have arch support, which helps to prevent supination.
  • Shoes with heel wedges do not count as lightweight. Realignment can be aided by wearing lightweight shoes, even if they are just worn about the house.
  • Attend physiotherapy sessions: This is only recommended in the most serious cases. A physiotherapist will deliver the most effective treatment available. Foot supination is rarely treated with surgery.

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Reviews of the Best Supination Insoles

The four best insoles for supination, in our opinion, are covered in the following reviews. We evaluated how effective they are at resolving the issues mentioned before. We aimed to choose insoles that would benefit the majority of people, even if their supinating feet were caused by a variety of factors.

#1 Walk-Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles — Steve’s Top Pick


Because a huge proportion of instances go unreported, plantar fasciitis is more common than most people believe. People ignore the agony and put up with it for days on end. This full-length insole from Walk-Hero is a quick and easy remedy. Supination shoe inserts give feet the arch support they need to straighten their bodies.

The support insoles are designed to provide long-term comfort. There is unlikely to be a more comfortable insole on the market for those suffering from knee, hip, or back pain. They work to offset the effects of flat feet, which are one of the most common causes of overpronation. These insoles are fantastic for diabetics and arthritis sufferers alike.

Best Insoles For Supination

These insoles include a deep heel cup to provide this level of comfort. When your feet come into contact with the earth, this ingenious function shields them.

When you walk or run, all of your weight is concentrated on one foot. You’ll be in a lot of discomforts if you have plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. By providing a soft cushion between the bottoms of your feet and the ground, these shoe insoles prevent this from happening. They also offer excellent heel support.

Any supination insoles should have shock absorption as a feature. Supinators’ foot muscles and tendons are weak, making them unable to withstand the impact of walking and running. The shock absorption aspect becomes crucial at this point. This is made possible by the premium EVA material used in this model.

Another excellent characteristic of these insoles is their adaptability. The majority of shoe insoles can be used for both walking and running. The best shoe insoles, on the other hand, can do both, like the ones from Walk-Hero do. If you put these in any shoe, you may expect consistent and amazing results.

Customer service is the cherry on top of these insoles. These are reasonably priced, and the company also provides risk-free purchasing choices. This means that if you are dissatisfied with the product’s performance, you can request a refund.

This product, like any other, has drawbacks. The first is durability, which a number of buyers have expressed dissatisfaction with. Wear and tear is unavoidable given how frequently you’ll use these shoe insoles. The product’s durability, in our opinion, is adequate for the price. Insoles that are more expensive, on the other hand, are likely to last longer.

The arch support is the second flaw, as some consumers have claimed that it is placed incorrectly for their feet. However, it appears that this is just bad luck and is rather uncommon, so it’s worth trying this model because you can easily return them if they aren’t for you.


  • Reduce the negative effects of flat feet.
  • Versatile.
  • It’s shockproof.
  • Customer service is excellent, and transactions are risk-free.
  • Good support for the arch.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • The material could be made to last longer.
  • For some people, Arch support is in the wrong place.

#2 Currex RunPro


Plantar fasciitis is a common ailment among runners, especially those who engage in long-distance running. Walking puts all of your weight on your feet when you take a step. You put three times your body weight on your feet when you run. If one is supinating, this can result in serious bodily harm.

It goes without saying that runners must use extreme caution. The additional force on their feet puts them in jeopardy. This is why running-specific shoe insoles, such as the Currex RunPro, are a fantastic choice. It provides the comfort and stability that most runners require, as well as an ergonomic shape that allows it to fit into almost any running shoe.

The product has an excellent reputation. The greatest insoles for runners were studied at the Sports University of Cologne in Germany. The Currex RunPro received the highest marks for comfort and foot pressure relief. That speaks a lot about how well the insoles work.

Best Insoles For Supination

Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs can be effectively treated with these insoles.

You’ll enjoy this product if you have a high arch. The deep heel cup provides maximum comfort and weight distribution. The insoles are available in a number of sizes and offer excellent arch support. When you find the appropriate size, you’ll feel as if you’ve purchased a bespoke fit.

The materials utilized in the construction of this shoe insert are of the finest quality. The bamboo on the surface helps to keep moisture while removing odors, and the charcoal aids in this process. One of the better elements for shock absorption is the Poron heel cushion.

You might be wondering why this product isn’t our top pick with so many great features. There is one drawback, and that is the expensive pricing. For the same price, you could definitely purchase an excellent pair of used running shoes.

The second disadvantage is that this item is best suited to short-distance running. These insoles aren’t durable enough to last over long distances, therefore marathon and ultra-marathon runners should look for something else.


  • It’s perfect for running shoes.
  • It’s an excellent match.
  • A professional institution has given it a high rating.
  • It relieves a great deal of pressure.
  • It’s shockproof.


  • The cost is high.
  • Marathon and ultra-marathon athletes should avoid it.

#3 Wonderwin Silicone Insoles


This is the most comprehensive value package available. These insoles will provide great comfort to your feet at an inexpensive price and with two sets supplied.

Foot discomfort does not have to be a long-term problem. To provide the best pressure alleviation, the wedges move into various sections of the shoe. These insoles can be worn with any style of the shoe due to their revolutionary design.

You should acquire insoles that fit your daily shoes if you are a supinator. We don’t all have the luxury of having our shoes custom-fitted or exclusively wearing running shoes to work. A formal job necessitates formal clothes, which might lead to us wearing uncomfortable shoes. These insoles, on the other hand, present a unique opportunity.

They use an ergonomic design to provide comfort to your feet. Great design has allowed such insoles to exist over time. A 4-degree medical lift is included in this design. This increases pronation by tilting mismatched feet. As a result, foot and ankle discomfort can be effectively treated.

Another excellent advantage is how simple it is to utilize these insoles. Because of their modest size, they may be worn with almost any pair of shoes. These insoles are suitable for women who wear high heels. The silicone insoles don’t cover the entire length of the foot, but they do a fantastic job and deserve to be on our list.

The consequences of knock knees and ankle eversion are mitigated with these insoles. When the insoles are placed in the middle of your foot, this is the case. Wearing the insoles on the side is another option. Supination and ankle inversion are best treated in this position. Who’d have guessed that such a little instrument could be so versatile?

Another great characteristic is the material, which is strong and long-lasting. That’s what we’d anticipate from day-to-day insoles. If you have high arches, this product will not disappoint you because of its solid construction.

Best Insoles For Supination

The insoles are not only sturdy but also washable. This ensures that your feet don’t stink after a long period of time.

Work conditions necessitate discretion, which these insoles provide. They’re colorless and minuscule, so they’re virtually undetectable. No one will notice the item that will provide you with so much relief.

You might be wondering how insoles stay in place, especially if they don’t cover the entire length of your feet. The insoles are made of self-adhesive material. This gives the heel wedges their renowned non-slip properties. If you sweat, all you have to do is wipe away the wet residue before reusing the insoles.

It’s difficult not to notice how good of a product this is. These insoles are one of the most effective supination treatments available. They do, however, have drawbacks.

There are some drawbacks to not covering the entire length of the shoe. The first is a lack of consistency. The deep heel cup is usually balanced off by another component of the shoe insoles. The Wonderwin silicone insoles, on the other hand, are not like that. Most people will be unsettled by this lack of steadiness.

Another problem is that it does not absorb stress. Shock absorption is available in full-length insoles, but not in this one. You should look for another product if stress absorption is crucial to you.


  • Affordably priced.
  • Washable.
  • Insoles that can be worn in a variety of shoes.
  • The pattern is non-slip.


  • It is not shock absorbing.
  • It is unstable.

#4 Pedag Oversupinators


Female shoe insoles have been manufactured by Pedag Store. The physiological structures of males and females differ, as do the morphologies of their feet. As a result, a specialized product like this provides a valuable service to the majority of women.

Supination, plantar fasciitis, and high arches are just a few of the issues that these shoe insoles address.

Natural vegetable tanned leather foot-beds are used in the Pedag Oversupinators. They provide pain alleviation and stability by correcting misalignments in your foot. This is accomplished by using three-quarter orthotics in the shoe insoles. Your feet will slip into the footbed, savoring the leather’s softness.

Even if they tried, these shoe insoles couldn’t be softer. Those with the weakest foot muscles can benefit from the soft-footbed. As a result, these shoe insoles are ideal for older citizens, who are at a higher risk of developing plantar fasciitis and foot pain.

Best Insoles For Supination

This “sinking” motion will also appeal to those with high arches. The shoe insoles encircle the feet and provide enough arch support.

Supination insoles are a prophylactic treatment for persons who are prone to it. By purchasing this inexpensive solution early on, you can escape the onslaught of knee and foot ailments.

It has a deep heel cup that will give you the foot support you need. This is further helped by the adjustable heel wedge, which follows the action of the heel and corrects supination. The Wonderwin Silicone insole works in a similar fashion to the heel wedge.

These supination insoles, like the Wonderwin, have a subtle style that makes them perfect for work shoes.

Considering the price, the build quality is excellent. The supination insoles are made in Germany and feature a high-end sensation. You’ll feel as if you’re wearing custom supination insoles because they’re handmade.

The product has three key drawbacks. The first is that these are solely for women’s shoes, therefore they won’t fit well with men’s. Most people are unconcerned about this, although many women purchase male or unisex shoes, such as sneakers.

The second concern that users had with the supination insoles was their slickness. This appears to be a straightforward design error that should be simple to correct. Most people won’t mind, but if you’re planning on jogging, you might want to consider switching to other supination insoles.

The product isn’t designed for serious supination issues, which is the final disadvantage. You’ll need a different product if you already have supination concerns, such as severe plantar fasciitis. You’ll need another set of supination insoles if your feet, knees, and calf muscles are in excruciating pain. These Pedog ones don’t provide aggressive treatment.


  • Materials that are both affordable and high-quality are employed.
  • For persons with high arches, it works wonderfully.
  • Supination insoles were created specifically for ladies.
  • The design is slim and low-profile.


  • Supination situations that are extreme are not recommended.
  • Insoles that are slick.
  • In men’s shoes, it won’t perform properly.


You now know how to choose the best supination insoles. The Walk-Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles are our favorite. They provide good arch and heel support and are reasonably priced. whatever is causing your supination, one of the four products on our list will undoubtedly help. See more useful articles at my website


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