Birkenstock Alternatives | 6+ Best Versions of Birkenstocks

Sandals and sandal shoes are typically more comfortable and convenient than dress shoes or boots. They’re simple to put on and take off. They are also usually a less expensive option.

Although this is primarily a convenience choice, many of us seek more. We expect luxury and style to go along with it.

This is where Birkenstocks Alternatives come into play. The legendary shoe that makes no compromises in terms of quality, comfort, or design. Their legendary contoured footbed provides unparalleled comfort.

Many of us, however, are unable to obtain a pair of Birkenstocks due to availability and affordability constraints. And, while there are many low-cost Birkenstocks on the market, finding the best is difficult.

It is necessary to conduct research to determine which are the most similar in terms of quality and comfort. But don’t worry, there are plenty of shoes that are similar to Birkenstocks at a best price.

About Birkenstock footwear

The Birkenstock Company was founded in 1774. The importance of tradition in Birkenstock can be seen in the Birkenstock family’s works.

Konrad Birkenstock invented the first contoured insole for custom footwear in 1896. Birkenstock’s trademark custom footbed was not introduced until 1930.

The inner sole is described by the special footbed in question. It is anatomically shaped and has additional support elements to accommodate the wearer’s feet. The footbed is made up of four layers. There are two layers of jute, a firm cork and latex footbed, and a suede lining.

They are frequently associated with youth, liberal thought, and freedom of spirit. Birkenstock received PETA’s Libby award for most animal-friendly company in 2018.

Birkenstock’s history and significance are reflected in its price. That brings us to today’s article! I’ve compiled a list of over 15 low-cost Birkenstock alternatives for you to consider.

TOP 6 Best Birkenstock Alternatives

1. FUNKYMONKEY Double Buckle EVA Sandal

These extremely popular sandals have over 14,000 five-star reviews from raving fans who declare them to be some of the most comfortable sandals to literally walk the Earth — they feel like Crocs but look like a Birkenstock Arizona. They have a deep footbed with serious arch support, high side walls, and a good grippy toe bar beneath two adjustable straps.

They’re completely waterproof while remaining lightweight and oh-so-comfortable, making them an ideal indoor/outdoor shoe. “I’ve never owned the name brand shoe that everyone covets. I just don’t get it for the price “One shopper admitted it. “I get THESE. And they’re incredibly comfortable! The quality is actually excellent. They’re both long-lasting and appealing… I’ll return to these over and over.” In the same listing, you’ll also find the brand’s take on the EVA Gizeh sandal.

Available colors: 45
Available sizes: 6 – 10

birkenstock alternatives

2. CUSHIONAIRE Luna Cork Footbed Sandal With +Comfort

These cork sandals, which are similar to the Birkenstock Mayari sandal, are one of the best Birkenstock alternatives on the market, with over 18,000 Amazon ratings to back them up. They both have a deeply contoured footbed with arch support and a substantial heel cup, as well as high side walls all the way around for added support and toe protection. The faux leather upper has a soft lining, and the footbed has a suede over cork layer that is lightly grippy.

Their EVA foam soles are light and springy, but thick enough to keep you out of puddles. “Birk brand loyalist MIND BLOWN,” one convert exclaimed. “They look and feel EXACTLY like my dozen other pairs of Birkenstocks, except they have the soft footbed for which I never pay the extra $20-30.” If you prefer the wildly popular Birkenstock Arizona sandals, Cushionaire has a version with over 17,000 ratings.

Available colors: 15
Available sizes: 5 – 13 (regular and wide)

3. WTW Single Strap Buckle Slides

This take on the Birkenstock Madrid sandal is an organic-looking option that appears to be trending on social media right now. To keep this cork sandal firmly in place, it has a crossover buckle on the wide single strap. These have a contoured cork footbed layered with suede to keep your foot in place.

Thick EVA foam soles add a spring to your step while also protecting the cork from wear. “I have the Madrid Birkenstocks in white, and when I saw these for half the price, I thought I’d like a pair in black,” one reviewer said. “They’re just as comfortable as my Birkenstocks, if not more so! These are absolutely adorable! Fits perfectly and is extremely comfortable!”

Available colors: 3
Available sizes: 6 – 11

4. Freedom Moses Leo Two Band Slides

These fashion-forward sandals are a designer take on Birkenstocks, which have quickly gained a cult following of their own. The textured nonslip footbed, with contoured comfort including a toe bar, arch support, and a heel cup you practically sink into, is made with PCU (aka Polycarbonate Urethane), which is soft and safe enough to be used for medical implants, so you know it has to be wildly comfortable — but you’ll probably fall in love with the signature milk and honey scent in every pair just as much as you will with the textured nonslip footbed, with contoured comfort “”I first saw these on Revolve and was delighted to see them on Amazon,” one fashion-forward shopper exclaimed, declaring themselves obsessed. “I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these sandals. They’re only $45, extremely comfortable, and the rubber is also scented.”

Available colors: 1 in this listing, but you’ll find this slide in several great prints, including tie-dye and bandana.
Available sizes: 4 – 10

5. WTW Women’s Cork Footbed Sandals

For those who prefer flip flops to slides, this Birkenstock Gizeh alternative provides the same great stay-put comfort. The faux leather straps have a soft underbelly that won’t irritate sensitive skin, and a layer of cushioning is sandwiched between the cork and its suede counterpart for added bounce. They have a nice, deep footbed with all the contouring you could want, including a toe bar and decent arch support with extra height at the instep.

The adjustable upper provides plenty of wiggle room, which may be useful for those with narrow feet. “With the first wear, the footbed becomes more comfortable and begins to mold to your foot shape. Very supportive and comfortable to walk in for extended periods of time. This is one of my favorite pairs of sandals “According to one reviewer, they were an excellent take on the originals.

Available colors: 3
Available sizes: 6 – 11

6. TF STAR Suede Clog

With their suede upper and insole lining (over an additional layer of foam for a softer footbed) and the classic cork and EVA sole of the Birks original, these suede clogs look strikingly similar to the Birkenstock Boston clog. The footbed has a similar anatomically friendly design with a toe bar and a substantial heel cup, though the arch support isn’t quite as strong.

Cinch down the adjustable buckle for a custom fit that you’ll be able to wear for years. “The exact same quality, if not better, at a fraction of the cost,” one shopper said after a thorough trial run. “These clogs far exceeded my expectations. They are cute, go with almost any outfit, are reasonably priced, and of high quality. I’ve had these for about 6 months now… I definitely got more than my money’s worth.”

Available colors: 3
Available sizes: 6 – 13.5

What and How to Choose Birkenstock Alternatives?

Another thought that may occur to you is, “How did I choose these alternatives?” Also, if you want to buy more knockoffs, what should you look for?

Here are some pointers to get you started!

  • Comfort: Since we’re talking about Birkenstock alternatives, this is something you can’t skimp on. It is critical that we keep the comfort level as close to the original as possible. Look for contoured cork footbeds, preferably made of cork!
  • Design: As you may have noticed, Birkenstocks, almost all of them, have a minimalistic design. The design emphasizes functionality and ease of use. I was especially cautious of this when selecting the alternatives!
  • Pricing: Because the original shoes are expensive, most of us look for alternatives. What is the point of finding something similar that costs nearly the same as the original? It is critical that the knockoffs be affordable to all!

These three criteria, if met, result in a lovely pair of Birkenstock knockoffs!

birkenstock alternatives

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# How Long do Birkenstocks Last?

Birkenstocks can easily last you several years. That is, if you wear them on a regular basis. A genuine Birkenstock sandal, on the other hand, will last you for years if properly cared for! So don’t forget to keep them in good condition!

Q2# Are Birkenstock Sandals Worth Buying?

Definitely! Sure, if you have the money. But don’t feel bad if they’re a little out of your price range. Because a good pair of high-quality substitutes will last just as long. And the comfort will be fantastic!

Q3# Why are Birkenstocks so Expensive?

To begin with, keep in mind that their inception was extremely innovative. A creative vision that was truly avant-garde. Furthermore, the quality of premium materials, combined with the brand value, raises the price point!

Q4# Are Birkenstocks Still in Style in 2021?

They are, believe it or not, more popular than ever! The current era necessitates efficiency, and functionality is essential. Furthermore, chic, minimalistic designs are favored by people of all genders!


It’s truly unfortunate that we have to remove a pair of Birkenstocks from the cart due to the cost. But, with these low-cost but similar sandals, you get the best of both worlds! They are as comfortable and functional as Birkenstocks and do not cost nearly as much..

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