“Blundstone VS Doc Martens” Which One Should Be Used?

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to RUMBLE! (The bell rings) DOC MARTENS, The Seeshaupt Strangler, in this corner, with the yellow stitching, weighing in at two pounds and eight ounces! (As Rammstein’s “Sonne” plays over the speakers, the Docs march into the ring.) Now it’s time for the challenger!

The Tasmanian Devil, BLUNDSTONE!, sits in this corner, with the front and back draw tabs, weighing one pound and thirteen and a half ounces. (As Sia’s “Unstoppable” plays over the speakers, the Blundstones march into the ring.)

Let’s get started with a good, clean fight! “Blundstone VS Doc Martens” The features of each brand will be weighed. There will be twenty-one rounds in this battle. Return to your corners by touching your toes. Come out kicking when the bell rings. Let’s get this party started!


Many people still like and enjoy the Classic 1460s, but watch out! People in Canada are required to put initials on their Blundstones in order to avoid confusion during gatherings! The Blundstones have been seen by a number of well-known celebrities.

But the champion hasn’t given up yet! Others were observed in DM’s in the meantime. However, GQ magazine claims that DM’s affiliation with certain dress trends limits their versatility compared to the Blinds. For the time being, it appears that Blundstone is the most popular. Keep in mind that fashion is ephemeral!

Blundstone comes out on top.

Leather Types

Greasy Kip Leather is used to make Blundstones. This is tough leather that has been impregnated with oils to make it very water-resistant while still being breathable. They can be cleaned and conditioned using natural products after being cleaned with diluted vinegar.

Do you enjoy greasy leather? The oily leather belongs to DM. And then there’s the Napa, the Quilon, the suede, and, of course, the Carpathian leather. Although greasy Kip leather has its uses, it is only one type of leather.

Dr. Martens is the winner.


The DMs have a cushioned sole that gives the impression of walking on air. They may be the most comfortable boots on the market for something so robust. But there’s a snag. They don’t feel comfy for at least a month after breaking in, which might be uncomfortable. After less than a week of break-in, the Blunnies arrive, completely at ease.

The eleven-and-a-half-ounce weight difference could work in your favor. When it comes to hard hiking, though, the Blunnies start to fall behind. Blunnies don’t have any laces to trip over, but they don’t have anything to change the fit with either. This appears to be a tie, no pun intended!

Draw as the winner.

Getting a Grip on Snow and Ice

Let’s take a peek at DM’s WinterGrip collection. The grooved cleats on the sole grip provide exceptional traction on even the iciest surfaces. And having a grippy sole isn’t the only thing that makes you winter-ready. The WinterGrip line’s uppers are composed of Snowplow, a patented type of leather that won’t bend in the face of grit or salt.

You won’t have to worry about slipping since the Grip-Tex tread repels water. While the Canucks love Blunnies, even the nicest among them will have to order Blundstone to leave if they want to get some Timmy’s on an icy sidewalk. Doc Marten wins by technical knockout.

Dr. Martens is the winner.

Blundstone VS Doc Martens


Summer-appropriate clothes abound at DM. The canvas Easons have a decent amount of airflow. There’s also the Pressler canvas with a lower cut. If you prefer something more open, they also have a range of sandals. Blundstone offers a breathable and flexible Ultra Lightweight range. They also have the Chelsea boots, which are water-resistant and anti-microbial. This one is a toss-up, but DM wins out because she has a sandals line.

Dr. Martens is the winner.


The Docs were developed to be a lady’s gardening shoe in the cold and damp of Germany, but they grew up in soggy Seattle. Water-resistance differs depending on the material, as well as the cut and shape. However, before you go puddle jumping, you might want to treat the original 1460 with something. If you require truly waterproof Docs, there is a line available.

Blundstone was built to withstand Tasmania’s inclement weather. With oil-infused leather and seams that won’t let a drop-through, their all-season leather is completely waterproof. Other than routine maintenance, there is no other treatment required. The Blunnies appear to be gaining a new lease of life!

Blundstone comes out on top.


Blundstones, as previously stated, are ideal for walking in if you keep your speed reasonable. Once you’ve broken them in, Docs are also fantastic for walking. This might continue on for the rest of the day. Let’s just call it a draw.

Draw as the winner.


In the hiking department, the Blundstones have a lot going on. Ankle support, gripping treads, and a cushioned footbed help to absorb impact. You must, however, keep it light. Stick to the dirt trails that are easy to navigate. The Docs provide nice ankle support as well, although they’re not designed for extended hikes. Neither is the ideal choice for a long-distance hike, but when it comes down to it, Blunnies come out on top.

Blundstone comes out on top.

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We’ll assume a white-collar office job with a business casual dress code. Slim-cut trousers are a must-have for the Blinds. The Docs are in the same boat. With the right outfit, either shoe may look great.

Draw as the winner.


Blundstones have a tendency to be a little loose. The extra insoles that come with the boots can make the fit a little tighter. When it comes to boot size, the total length is the determining factor. Half sizes are a little wider than full sizes.

Unfortunately, the Docs do not come in half sizes. They are basically true to size, albeit a tad on the large side. They also include laces that may be used to modify the fit. It’s a close call, but Blundstone prevails thanks to the availability of half sizes.

Blundstone comes out on top.

Getting In

As soon as you put them on, the Blundstones feel like they’ve been broken in. A month or so is required by the doctors. It’s another TKO, ladies, and gentlemen! This time, the odds are on Blundstone’s side.

Blundstone comes out on top.

Blundstone VS Doc Martens


Blundstones will stretch a little over the instep if worn frequently enough, but never longitudinally. It’ll take a little conditioner and a lot of elbow grease, but the Docs can eventually be softened and stretched in any direction. DM is regaining its strength and isn’t ready to give up yet!

Dr. Martens is the winner.


Dr. Martens are notoriously difficult to a break in, and it’s recommended that you use Wonder Balsam while doing so. Conditioning should be done on a regular basis even after the break. The Blundstones are factory-treated and ready to play right out of the box.

Blundstone comes out on top.

Blundstone VS Doc Martens

Models who are vegan

Sorry, vegetarians! Blundstone’s canvas summer range is the only vegan option. The Doctor has a large selection of vegan leather. Vegan choices are available for lace-ups, platforms, sandals, oxfords, and even some wallets for fun. You can’t tell the difference between this and a vegetarian burger!

Dr. Martens is the winner.

Models of the year

1460 is without a doubt the best model for DM. That would be the 550 Chelsea for the Blinds. Both have a four-and-a-half-star rating on Amazon, indicating that they have a lot of happy customers. The Docs offers a wider selection at a reduced price range. At first sight, it appeared that this would be a tie, but DM takes the round.

Dr. Martens is the winner.

Are these boots unisex?

Both brands are essentially gender-neutral. Blundstone and Dr. Martens both have a heeled alternative for women. Keep in mind that men’s sizes are slightly larger than women’s.

Draw as the winner.


It’s another stalemate. Both are simple to style in a variety of casual and business casual settings. Whether worn with slim-fitting pants or worn-in denim, both look excellent. With a knee-length coat, the Blinds are perfect.

Draw as the winner.

Is there a chance they’ll go on sale?

Blundstones are quite unusual to come up for sale. They’ll hold an “everything must go” deal on discontinued things every now and again. In this scenario, all sales are final. Dr. Marten’s features many clearance sales and Black Friday specials throughout the year. That iconic 1460, on the other hand, took a long time to obtain.

Dr. Martens is the winner.

Where do they come from?

Let’s call this a tie right off the bat. It’s not so much where the boots are made as it is how they’re made. Doc Marten’s website is fairly international friendly, with currency and language conversions available as needed. Blundstone’s website could use some updating, as I’ve only been able to find it in English and using American dollars.

DM was founded in Germany but is now manufactured in Northamptonshire, England. Blundstone outsources to the Far East, while the company’s primary manufacturing facility is in Hobart, Tasmania, a small island off the coast of Australia.

Draw as the winner.

Lifespan of boots

Doctors are known for their longevity. They’ve been fashionable for a long time since they’re extremely durable, lasting far longer than any fashion fad. In ideal circumstances, some doctors can live for decades. The Blunnies are tough, but even in ideal conditions, they only live for two to five years. It’s not like it’s a competition.

Dr. Martens is the winner.

Blundstone VS Doc Martens


And Blundstone is back on the canvas! She only wrote, “You tire them out.” A lighter, a toothpick, and a cotton swab can be used for Jerry rig (suitable for German boots) repairs to your Docs. If you don’t mind the distressed look, go for it.

Consult a professional if you like to seem professional. There are several that focus solely on doctors. Perhaps “Immortals” by Fall Out Boy should be their entrance music due to their lengthy longevity and simplicity of maintenance.

Dr. Martens is the winner.

And now for the tape’s story

Let’s go over the numbers one by one. That’s six rounds in a row that have ended in a tie. Blundstone got off to a good start, winning six rounds. It’s not so much about where you start as it is about where you finish. And Dr. Martens came out on top with nine victories. (The ref comes out and holds up DM’s laces as the last bell rings.) THE WINNER IS… DOCTOR MARTEN IS STILL THE CHAMPION!

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