Clarks Desert Boots Sizes Guide | How To Determine Exactly

Are you looking for a pair of casual desert boots but aren’t sure how they’ll fit? With the greatest clarks desert boots sizes guide, we can assist you.

These leather boots were first made in the 1950s and have a crepe sole. The style was inspired by the off-duty boots worn by officers during World War II. Their design, which is thought to have originated in Cairo, Egypt’s bazaars (the equivalent of our malls), has remained unchanged to this day.

Let’s look at their sizing and how to ensure that you obtain a decent fit.

clarks desert boots sizes

Clarks Sizing Guide

Some people say these boots are the most comfortable boots they’ve ever worn. Having the correct size, like with any other boot, will ensure that they fit comfortably.

Clarks offers a comprehensive sizing chart for their shoes and boots. They also have a feature on their product details page where you may find out if these boots are a good fit for you. Clarks recommends the best size for you based on your foot measurements and a few additional data.

The boots are available in a range of leather uppers and sizes for men, women, and children. Only the medium width fitting is offered in both adult variants. Medium and wide fits are available in the children’s models.

To determine the exact size, Clarks recommends measuring your feet.

How to measure your feet

Following these procedures, according to the manufacturer, will help you determine your foot size:

  • Stand barefoot against a vertically straight wall or other vertically straight surface.
  • You should also be standing on a flat surface.
  • A ruler should be put against the wall or straight edge on the side of your foot.
  • From your heel to the tip of your longest toe, measure your foot.

Tips to ensure clarks desert boots fit properly

There are a few things you can do when trying on Clarks desert boots to ensure that they will be comfortable when you buy them. These are some of them:

  • Put on the socks you’ll be wearing with your desert boots. The thickness of your socks can alter how well your boots fit.
  • If your podiatrist has prescribed an orthotic, bring it along and insert it into the boots.
  • Similarly, if you use insoles, be sure they’re in the boots before trying them on.
  • Put the boots on and take a spin in them.
  • Take a walk around and check to see whether they’re flexing in the proper places. The ball of the foot should be the location for this.
  • Make sure your toes have enough room to move around. They should not be squeezed by the sides of the boot or hit the front of the boot.
  • Your heels should fit snugly inside the boots and not slip out.

clarks desert boots sizes


Do clarks desert boots run true to size?

This appears to be a case where the jury is still out. Some people say they’re a half size too big, while others say they’re true to size. The greatest thing you can do is try on your regular size as well as a half size smaller to determine which one fits you best. If you’re ordering online, double-check that you’ll be able to return them and then buy one of each size, returning the ones that don’t fit..

Which size should I buy?

Take the size of your larger foot as a guide. If you choose the lower size, you risk having one boot that is too tight. Although this is an expensive option, you might buy two pairs of boots in both sizes and use the ones that fit each foot properly.

On the smaller foot, use a padded insole inside the boot instead. Something like this one from Happy Step might be able to fill in the gaps.

Sizing it up

Desert boots are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. They are casual boots that can be worn all year round, and you can dress them up or dress them down. Put them on with a suit for work, or wear them with shorts on the weekend.

Making sure the boots fit properly will mean years of comfortable wear. Take your time to make sure you buy the right size for your feet. Remember to check for that wiggle room at the toes and no slippage at the heel.

We hope you found our Clarks desert boot sizing guide entertaining and informative. Do you possess a pair of Clarks desert boots and have any advice to offer? Please leave a remark.

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