How To Clean Faux Suede Shoes? Step by step Guide

No matter how hard you try, it’s difficult to keep your shoes as new as they were when you first bought them. You’re bound to step in mud, splash in a pond, or drop some red wine! When it comes to imitation shoes, they demand extra care and attention in terms of maintenance and cleaning. So How to clean faux suede shoes? Let’s find out with

What is the Definition of Faux Shoes?

How To Clean Faux Suede Shoes

Real suede or leather shoes are manufactured from the inside of the animal hide, which is then processed to give it a soft and velvety appearance, but faux leather is a different story. While it has the silky smoothness and sheen of real leather, it is far more durable and does not include any animal skin. It comes at a significantly lesser cost and is ideal for individuals who follow a vegan diet because it does not contain any animal products.

How to clean faux suede shoes step by step?

While these shoes have numerous advantages, they are prone to becoming soiled quickly. Despite the fact that it is constructed of man-made materials, care for these is very similar to caring for the genuine thing. A suede brush is one of the most important pieces of equipment for cleaning and caring for your imitation shoes. It will help you eliminate dust and debris from the fabric while keeping it soft and supple. To care for your shoes, follow these simple steps:

  • Check to see if the shoes are dry. Brushing a wet or damp shoe will inevitably distribute the dirt all over the place.
  • Begin brushing from the bottom and work your way up with the suede brush. For the greatest results, choose one with nylon bristles.
  • If you don’t have a suede brush, a toothbrush can suffice; however, it will take longer.

Cleaning Faux Suede Shoes on the Spot

If your stains are particularly tenacious, a suede brush may not be enough. More tools from your drawer will be required in this situation. A suede stain remover and a suede brush are required for this task. Here are the actions to take when you’ve completed this task:

  • First and foremost, brush your shoes well to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on them.
  • The suede stain remover is similar to a pen mark remover and works similarly. It’s as simple as gently rubbing it on and over the stain.
  • Continue rubbing it on the stain until it disappears.
  • Raise the fibers with your suede brush once more.

Make sure the remover eraser you’re using is clean and neat; else, the stain may spread much more. Also, when using the eraser, be delicate; else, you risk damaging the material.

Cleaning Your Faux Suede Shoes From Top to Bottom

To restore your shoes, you’ll need more complicated products. Suede brush, fake suede cleanser, cotton cloths, sponge, and cold water are the tools you’ll need to clean your shoes in general. The following are the steps you must take:

  • The first step in this technique, like before, is to remove all of the dirt and debris out of your shoes so that they don’t smear all over them afterwards. Make sure you don’t do this while the shoe is wet or damp, as you did before. If this is the case, leave it to dry in the sun.
  • Dampen your clean cloth in cold water and wring it out thoroughly so that it is damp but not soaked.
  • Now is the moment to dampen your shoes with the damp cloth. Always begin at the top and work your way down. Dampen your shoes in the same way.
  • The sponge should then be dampened with cold water. Make sure it’s not soaking wet by wringing it out thoroughly.
  • Take a small amount of the imitation suede cleaner and apply it to the sponge.
  • Rub the cleaner all over the shoes now. Make sure you start at the beginning and work your way to the end. It’s important to be patient with yourself when doing this.
  • To avoid any unsightly watermarks, apply the cleanser to the entire shoe.
  • After allowing the cleaner to sit for a while, dampen another towel with water and use it to wipe out the cleaner. This technique should not soak your shoes.
  • Allow your shoes to air dry for as long as they require. Be patient as this could take up to 24 hours.
  • Brush your shoes with the suede brush after they’re completely dry to re-raise the fibers.
  • To avoid spreading the cleaner to your shoes, make sure your sponge is completely clean before applying the cleaner to it. If the stain is still resistant, you can use a stain remover pen to get it out.

Keeping Faux Suede Shoes Safe

How To Clean Faux Suede Shoes

After you’ve cleaned your fake suede shoes and removed those pesky stains and marks, you should treat them with a protective shoe spray to keep them stain-free in the future.

A waterproof suede-protector spray would be the greatest option, as it will work as a barrier, preventing water, dirt, or other contaminants from penetrating the material.

Spray a little amount of the protective spray into an inconspicuous location first to check that the spray will not change the color of your shoes.

Hold the container six to eight inches away from the shoes and spray evenly after you’ve finished the test and are sure the spray won’t change the color of your shoes.

Dry the shoes, but keep them out of direct sunshine or extreme heat. More protection can be obtained by using two coats of spray, but the shoes must be allowed to dry in between applications.

Clean Shoes Remedy at Home

Let’s say you need to clean your shoes the next day, but you don’t have a suede cleaner at home. There’s no need to be concerned! With the help of a few chemicals, you can still get clean shoes. Cold water, a small bowl, light dishwashing soap, a clean cloth, toothbrushes, and a suede brush are all you’ll need. The processes are very identical to the previous ones; the only difference is that you’ll use the dishwasher instead of the cleaner.

How to clean faux suede shoes with 5 simple ways?

Faux suede shoes may be cleaned in the same manner as natural suede materials can. If you’ve ever owned and cleaned a pair of suede shoes, such as suede Timberlands, you’ll know what to expect.

Suede Brush

If you have a few suede or faux suede shoes or other goods, it’s a good idea to invest in a suede brush—while a soft toothbrush would suffice, a suede brush won’t harm the fibers the way other brushes might.

When it comes to cleaning stains or filth, a suede brush should always be your first choice. It makes it very simple to remove any dirt or dried muck, as well as to reduce any marks.

Check to see sure your shoes are dry first. If not, wait until they’ve completely dried before using the suede brush to avoid smearing dirt all over the place. Brush the shoes from the bottom up, gradually working your way to the top.

While a suede brush won’t totally remove aged, dry, or deep stains, it can help to diminish the stain until you can take another step to completely remove it.


Unfortunately, you can’t go back in time and correct mistakes you’ve made in life, but with a clean eraser, you might be able to correct a few mistakes with your faux suede shoes.

Simply rub the eraser over the stain in a circular motion until the mark or scuff disappears. After you’ve finished with the eraser, lift the fibers with the suede brush.

Make sure the eraser is clean; otherwise, you risk spreading more dirt throughout the shoes and creating an even greater mess.

Suede Cleaner

How To Clean Faux Suede Shoes

Using a cleaner made specifically for suede is the most logical and possibly the easiest way to clean imitation suede shoes.

Suede cleanser is made to clean and rejuvenate suede at the same time, leaving it soft and pleasant to the touch.

To begin, comb the imitation suede material in the opposite direction of the fibers using a brush. After that, you’ll need a sponge, which you should dampen in cold water and squeeze well before putting a little amount of the cleanser to it. Then, from the top down, gently rub the cleaner all over the shoes.

Allow your shoes to air dry for up to 24 hours. To finish, use a suede brush or a clean toothbrush to comb the suede back into place.

Wipes to Remove Makeup

When you have a few pairs of suede or imitation suede shoes, having a suede cleaner on hand is a smart idea, but you can also try cleaning stains with makeup remover wipes, which most women have in their cosmetic bag.

Simply massage the makeup remover wipes all over the shoes, starting at the top and working your way down. Wipe in the opposite direction of the fibers when wiping. Allow them to dry before brushing them back in with a suede brush.

If you don’t have makeup remover wipes, liquid makeup remover or micellar water can be used instead. Gently massage the stains with a cotton swab dipped in micellar water or liquid makeup remover. Allow the shoes to air dry before brushing them with a suede brush.

Make Your Own Cleaner

If you don’t have any suede cleaner or makeup remover on hand, you can manufacture your own cleaning solution for fake suede shoes with gentle dish soap and cold water.

Fill a bowl halfway with cold water and a few drops of dish soap. It should just be enough to make foam without discoloring the water.

Mix the water and soap thoroughly using a toothbrush, then apply the mixture to the spots with the toothbrush in small circular strokes.

After you’re done, wipe away any excess foam with a clean cloth and let your shoes air dry. Use a suede brush to elevate the fibers once the shoes are entirely dry.

Conclusion on How to clean faux suede shoes

It may seem easier to just throw your shoes in the washing machine on how to clean faux suede shoes. But this isn’t an option when you have a pair of dirty faux suede shoes because the material may be damaged beyond repair.

Faux suede is remarkably similar to actual suede and can stain and mark just as easily, while being composed of synthetic components and being durable.

How to clean faux suede shoes in the best way? Our five simple tactics should have your shoes looking brand new in no time. Also, after cleaning them, spray them with a waterproof suede-protector spray to keep them looking as new as the day you bought them. Thank you for following this post from


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