New Balance 990v5 Review – Does It Worth It?

The New Balance 990v5 is unquestionably a high-end shoe. It’s a huge step forward from the prior ones from the 1980s. This shoe has a terrific look and provides unrivaled comfort. And there’s more! This highly regarded shoe can be worn as a running shoe as well as everyday usage. will go over every detail of this fashionable and high-quality footwear in this New Balance 990v5 Review. Continue reading to learn why this shoe stands apart.

Introduction about New Balance 990v5

New Balance 990v5 Review

While the New Balance 990 Heritage is a fantastic shoe, it is not recommended for serious runners. This is our first and lasting impression of the shoes. We believe they are excellent for standing, walking, daily activities, and a variety of other activities than running. A tiny fraction of heavier over-pronating runners and weekend warriors who only log three to four miles at a time may find the 990 Heritage to be a good primary running shoe for their needs.

Because of the high level of stability and cushioning, we believe they could be an excellent alternative for overpronators who have recently had foot injuries or are battling arthritis. With the pigskin upper, New Balance scored some major style points, and there are some excellent reflective elements included into the design as well. Also, if you purchase the 990 Heritage, you may take pride in the fact that you are supporting a locally produced product. These sneakers were manufactured in the United States of America by New Balance.

The New Balance 990V5 provides the ideal close fit, stability, and comfort for any activity

The New Balance 990V5 is a high-performance running shoe that provides exceptional cushioning and stability. The shoes are really stable, and they provide a snug fit. There is padding in the back of your ankle, which prevents friction on the back of your ankle when wearing these shoes.

Their adaptability and comfort are unmatched in the industry. Many people have discovered that they are the most comfortable shoes available.

The New Balance 990V5 is the best running and walking shoe available today.
The New Balance 990V5 is regarded as one of the greatest athletic sneakers available. It provides you with high-quality, comfortable, long-lasting, and stable products.

Furthermore, this is a comfortable shoe for going for everyday walks or doing activities. With this sneaker, you may take your walks at your own pace and in comfort.

New Balance 990v5 Review in Deatail

New Balance 990v5 Review


The rocker bottom of the 990v5 running shoe is similar to that of many others. However, it differs from the other shoes in that the rocker bottom is not as prominent as it is in the other styles of footwear.

New Balance Men’s 990 V5 Sneaker, Navy/Silver, Size 7 (Made in the USA)
In addition to having a very thick rocker bottom, the New Balance 990V5 is also quite durable. Therefore, it provides you with the best protection against any terrain you are jogging on.

The substantial rocker bottom also contributes to the feeling of having a spring in your step. The shoe also has thin toes, which allow your toes to stay close to the ground while walking.


The midsole technology in this shoe is designed to provide you with the most amount of comfort and stability possible. In order to prevent you from feeling crushed, the shoe will snugly fit your feet while being comfortable.

New Balance Men’s 990 V5 Sneaker, Navy/Silver, Size 7 (Made in the USA)
The shoe has a thickly cushioned collar, which results in an excessive amount of cushioning throughout the shoe. Because of the padding, every sensitive region of your foot will be provided with a layer of gentle comfort.

The padding stretches all the way to the tongue. Consequently, you won’t have to be concerned about friction on the top of your foot caused by the tight laces. Ultimately, the padding has taken care of this, and your top foot is safe and sound.


A full leather upper for aesthetics and a full mesh upper for breathability distinguish the New Balance 990V5 from many other running shoes.

New Balance Men’s 990 V5 Sneaker, Navy/Silver, Size 7 (Made in the USA)
The toe box of the shoe is made up of three mesh panels, with an additional one on either side of the shoe higher up. Thus, the shoe not only provides amazing breathability, but it also exudes a sleekness that makes your feet seem great.

In addition, this shoe has pigskin suede leather in between the mesh panels. As a result, it does not appear as inexpensive as many other shoes.

The suede used in this shoe is genuine suede, not a faux suede imitation. The suede on this shoe contributes to the overall sense of luxury that it exudes when worn.

New Balance 990v5 Review: Responsiveness

In terms of reactivity, we give the 990 Heritage the lowest possible rating. For the sake of simplicity, we believe that this shoe is simply not “quick.” That’s not what it’s designed to do. We see a greater lag in the turnover than in any other shoe in the team. Looking for the most responsive and propellant ride we’ve ever tested? Check out our assessment of the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 running shoe.

Comfort on the Grass

In terms of landing comfort, the 990 Heritage has the lowest rating. With these shoes, we found the ride to be really clunky and unpleasant, and we were never able to settle into our normal easy stride pattern while wearing them. We don’t recommend jogging more than four to five miles at a time in the 990 Heritage because our feet begin to suffer around that distance on a consistent basis.

The 990 Heritage proved to be really comfortable for long periods of time while walking throughout the day and throughout town. Many users have expressed their satisfaction with this shoe, stating that it is an excellent solution for persons who have foot difficulties such as arthritis. We haven’t been able to verify this, but we believe there is enough evidence to suggest it is likely true.

Comfort on the upper body

New Balance 990v5 Review

For the most part, we believe the 990 Heritage’s upper is well-constructed and comfortable. Mesh, a soft comfort layer, and pigskin are used in the construction of this item. We did say pigskin, after all. Because of this, New Balance earns some style points.

The shoe does, however, run a little large and wide. We recommend that you order a size and a half smaller than your regular size. The toe box of the top is significantly larger than that of any of the other shoes in our test group. If you prefer a more snug fit, there is a narrow version of this shoe as well.

One item we believe New Balance should address is a design flaw we’ve noticed in the tongue and lace structure. Which we believe should be addressed. After only a few minutes of jogging or walking, the tongue begins to slip to the side of the foot. Which can become irritating quickly.

This also confirms the existence of multiple customer reviews describing the same issue. A lace eyelet on the tongue might easily be added to remedy the situation. The heel is sturdy and supportive, and it has a pleasant dual density foam collar that helps to keep your foot in place while walking.


The 990 Heritage tied for third place in our stability shoe testing, which is a great accomplishment. It has strong, robust posting and is very supportive, according to our observations. It features a constant, solid, and stable ride that we believe is best suited for heavier runners or walkers that require more cushioning and additional stability when out on the road or trail.


We normally find that our feet are hot and sweaty after a few kilometers in the 990 Heritage, which is covered in pigskin and has multiple layers of mesh on top. When it came to developing this shoe, we believe that New Balance was more concerned with appearance than with breathability.

As a result, the 990 Heritage obtains the lowest possible rating for breathability. If you’re looking for a shoe with a more comfortable and breathable upper, check out our review of the Brooks Ghost 8.

New Balance 990v5 Review: Weight

With a weight of 13.4 ounces, these are the heaviest shoe we examined, and they are 1.2 ounces heavier than the next heaviest shoe in the group. In contrast to the Mizuno Wave Prophecy, which weighs 12.2 ounces, we believe the Heritage 990 provides no propulsion to our stride and feels just as hefty as the claimed weight. If you’re looking for a stability shoe in a more manageable weight class, check out our fantastic review of the Asics Gel-Kayano 21 (shown above).


The 990 Heritage, in our opinion, is not the most durable shoe. When we first look at the outsole, we see that it is constructed in a robust manner. The outsole is made up of New Balance’s signature Ndurance rubber composition. With blown rubber on the forefoot for further durability. However, upon closer scrutiny, it appears as though glue was lathered on the sole. And it was slapped on top of it. It’s just that we don’t believe the shoe will hold up to long distances. A considerable percentage of user evaluations agree that the 990 is incapable of enduring the distances. Users had hoped for without breaking down.

The Most Effective Application

These shoes are not intended for serious runners; instead, they are best suited for strolling, recreation, and standing for extended periods of time.


At $150-$165, these shoes are prohibitively pricey for something as simple as a walking shoe.

Conclusion on New Balance 990v5 Review

This post have gone through New Balance 990v5 Review. Although it came close to our favorite road running shoe, the New Balance 990 Heritage fell short. However, believe it could be a fantastic alternative for people who wind up doing more walking than running. Or for those who want to slip on a comfy post-run recovery shoe for lounging around after a run.


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