[Q&A] Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes?

Do you want to buy shoes from a goat? You wouldn’t believe a goat would eat your shoes! Goat is the name of an app that allows you to purchase shoes. So, Does Goat sell fake shoes?

What is the Goat app and how does it work?

Goat began as a global site for buying and selling sneakers in 2015, but it has now expanded to include clothes. On Goat, vendors put their products for sale, and buyers can browse through millions of listings. It’s similar to Amazon, eBay, and other internet marketplaces.

You simply click buy, give your contact information, and choose a payment method, and your product will be sent to you shortly. They take American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa, as well as the majority of internet payment methods.

Who is the owner of the Goat App?

Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano are the cofounders of the Goat App. The software was created by two college friends who were simply bored. They wanted to leave their boring corporate careers and start their own firm. The first several tries failed miserably.

Their plan for shoe-selling software not only worked, but it also made them $60 million. They named the app Goat in honor of Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time and a beloved shoe symbol.

What is the location of the Goat App?

The Goat corporate headquarters are in Culver City, California. 3960 Landmark Street is the address.

Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes

Is Goat legit and trustworthy?

It’s a genuine article. It is, in fact, one of the most trustworthy venues for selling and purchasing sneakers nowadays. Sugano was deceived into buying a pair of counterfeit Air Jordan 5 Grapes, which gave the creators the concept.
Goat now boasts a $100 million fundraising round, twelve million users, a massive inventory of over 400,000 pairs of shoes for sale, and over 600 workers.

Is Goat a good app for shopping for shoes?

Customers have found it to be trustworthy. They sell both new and secondhand shoes, so it’s a fantastic location to seek out-of-production classics. You can either place a bid or buy them right away. Before sending them, Goat will validate them for you.

Their website claims that the order will arrive in seven to 10 business days, although some customers report that it arrives sooner. The app includes a detailed “Order Progress” function that shows you where your order is in the process.

What are the benefits of buying a Goat?

Goat allows merchants, such as stores and boutiques, to advertise their items for sale, with consumers having access to over a million listings. All resale items must first be shipped to Goat for verification to ensure that they are authentic and exactly as described.

The goat will ship them to you after they’ve been authenticated. If the goods are determined to be counterfeit or not as represented by the vendor, you will be notified and receive a full refund.

What is the process of Goat bidding?

Bidding works similarly to that of eBay or StockX. You can place a bid or make a purchase right away.

Is it possible to cancel a Goat bid?

You can do so if the bid has not yet been approved. The app will tell you whether or not you can cancel.

How do you confirm a Goat sale?

Do you want to sell your shoes on Goat? If the item was purchased, you can confirm the sale by tapping the Generate Label button. The goat will then give you a shipping label that is pre-paid and pre-addressed.

Every shipping label includes a tracking number that is linked to the order and can be tracked by both Goat and you. Keep in mind that products must be transported in the exact same condition as when they were first posted.

Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes

Is there a Goat coupon code?

On CouponBirds, you can find a few. Goat also has a sale area with some excellent bargains.

Are the Goat’s shoes old or new?

Both are available for purchase.

Is it OK to put used shoes on a Goat?

They’re guaranteed to be genuine and in good working order.

Is it possible for a goat to clean used shoes?

Without a doubt. Every pair of worn shoes is not only authenticated but also cleaned by professionals. Scrubbing the shoes, removing lint from the lining, washing the shoelaces, and smoothing out all of the wrinkles in the leather are all part of the cleaning procedure. They’ll be so spotless that they’ll appear brand new.

What does it mean when a Goat is clean?

Goat Clean is a new program that Goat is offering. When used shoes are listed for sale on their app, they are cleaned, graded, and photographed by a professional. Every pair delivers quickly and directly from Goat, and they can be returned for a refund.

Is it true that Goat shoes are genuine?

The Goat app’s original goal was to ensure that you were getting the real deal when you bought shoes online. Goat uses a “ship to verify” strategy to provide authenticity assurance to both buyers and sellers of sneakers. Goat is more than just a link in the chain. They take the time to inspect shoes to avoid selling counterfeits.

Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes

What method does Goat use to verify shoes?

With a “ship to verify” model, Goat enables buyers and sellers to check shoe authenticity using deep learning. When a buyer buys a shoe, the seller sends it to Goat for inspection. The money is released to the seller and the items are shipped to the buyer once they have been authenticated.

To determine whether or not the shoe is genuine, they employ a variety of heuristics and data points. Goat sees more sneakers than anybody else on the planet, making them a leader in data collection for footwear. They can identify the difference between a real and a fake very easily.

How long does it take Goat to authenticate a pair of shoes?

It doesn’t take long for them to do the task. It will probably take a day or two.

Is It possible to be scammed on Goat?

Goat is without a doubt a legitimate website. The chances of being conned are quite slim. The app’s developers tell users that they do all possible to verify the legitimacy of goods offered on their platform. Customers are protected against being conned by Goat’s stringent quality control.

What happens if a fake is found by Goat?

If Goat discovers that the offered sneakers are fake, the buyer will receive a complete refund. The seller has the option of having the shoes returned to them rather than having them disposed of. Within two weeks, shipping expenses must be paid in advance. Goat is prepared to give a seller a chance, but only up to a point.

What happens if a seller refuses to confirm a Goat purchase?

A sale will be canceled if it is not confirmed within 24 hours of the order being placed and dispatched within three business days of the order being placed. Wares returned to the seller will only be sent to the return address listed on the app’s profile at the time the process was returned.

Goat assumes no responsibility for any things that are lost, missing, or damaged if the seller does not use the prepaid shipping label provided by Goat. The Goat will not be held liable if the vendor does not respect the rules.

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Is Goat willing to refund your money?

If they discover that a pair of sold shoes are not real, they will issue a refund. If the buyer changes their mind after the shoes have been dispatched, they have three days to return them for a refund.

How long does it take Goat to refund your money?

The refund may take seven to ten business days to appear on your billing cycle.

How long does it take for Goat to deliver shoes?

Sneaker orders delivered to a buyer in the United States typically take seven to ten business days. This is due to the fact that it takes three to four business days to go to Goat. Authentication takes a full business day or two, and shipping takes three to four business days.

Is it possible to buy more than one pair of shoes on Goat?

You can, but due to the additional weight, there may be an additional charge.

What is the origin of Goat shipping?

Their operations are located at 3960 Landmark Street, Culver City, California 90232, and they ship from there. They bought Flight Club, but no one seems to know about it. Oh, wait, we can discuss Flight Club now. It’s another internet retailer where you may buy or sell unusual sneakers.

What is a Goat’s preferred mode of transport?

FedEx, UPS, and the good old-fashioned US Postal Service are all used.

What is Goat instant ship, and how does it work?

Items labeled “instant” have already been verified and authenticated. They are then delivered to you directly from Goat’s facility. A 6.5 percent priority processing fee applies to orders of “Instant” items.

What is the shipping cost from Goat?

The cost of shipping is forty dollars in the United States. This does not include the cost of insurance or any other taxes that may be relevant. A cargo disbursement fee may also be required.

Is Goat offering free shipping?

No. Actually, Goat may have to boost their domestic shipping charges by an additional $12 due to rising shipping costs from their carriers.

Is it possible to track my order on Goat?

It’s one of the app’s most popular features. To see if your order was shipped, go to the orders page in your profile. If that was the case, you can look up the tracking number to see where the order is right now. If your order was delivered but you have not yet received it, you should contact Goat for more information.

Is it possible to return shoes to a Goat?

On the app, there is a “Request Return” button. You have three days to determine if you want to return something. It could take up to seven days, and there are no refunds on delivery expenses.

How does the Goat help sellers?

It’s actually less difficult than selling on eBay. When you click on the price tag tab, you’ll see the option to “Sell Your Sneakers.” Then all you have to do is seek the SKU (stock keeping unit) or model number for the shoes you wish to sell.

Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes

If it’s a Nike, it’ll be on the shoe tag, and if it’s an Adidas, it’ll be on the box. A few questions will be asked of you. It is in your best interests to be completely honest. If it is discovered that you were not completely honest, you may face consequences.

What is the Goat’s share of the pie?

They take a 9.5 percent commission, which is quite modest. This is better than eBay’s 13 percent cut and considerably better than Flight Club’s 20 percent cut.

What is the best way to use Goat credit?

There is a 2.9 percent fee for cashing out. It is preferable to simply utilize the credit on the app. It’s really simple to use goat credit. It is automatically applied to your order.


Goat does not offer counterfeit footwear. Indeed, their entire function is to ensure that the buyer receives exactly what they paid for. Do you want to sell fake Jordans? In a back alley, sell them out of your hatchback. Fakes do not pique Goat’s curiosity. See more useful articles at my website newjordan2019shoes.com.


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