What Is Shoes With Cork Insoles? | The Best 5+ Cork Insoles in 2022

If you have foot pain, ankle problems, or discomfort in your feet, orthotic cork insoles may be able to help!

Learn about what is shoes with cork insoles, why cork is such a fantastic substance for giving your feet the luxury medical comfort they deserve.

Here are the top 5 picks of the cork insoles shoes in 2022.

5 Best Cork Insoles for Shoes

Cork insoles for shoes, boots, and sandals provide the highest degree of comfort to the wearer when chosen wisely.

Below are some of the best products you can check online when planning to buy.

1- Birkenstock Cork Insoles

Imported from Germany, manufactured in Germany, and shipped directly from Germany. Replacement footbeds for Birkenstock sandals and shoes are available in normal width to meet the needs of all users.

These cork-made insoles, which come in a beautiful Habana hue, are of high quality and are one of the best fits for avoiding foot pain.

shoes with cork insoles

2- Downunders Ultra Walker Footbeds

Downunders Ultra Walker Footbed Green is made of Eva and natural cork and has a deep heel pocket that captures a larger region of your heel bone and forefoot arch support.

It’s one of the most sophisticated footbeds on the market, and it’s easy to trim with scissors to fit inside shoes.

The majority of specialists accept it as a treatment option for persons with various leg and foot ailments.

The force is distributed across a broader area for comfort, and the ergonomically positioned curves provide stability.

When compared to insoles with a deep heel cup that helps absorb your foot’s natural cushioning, the plantar fat pad, the Downunders Ultra Walker Footbed is more breathable.

Amazon has the widest selection of inserts, magnetic soft gel insoles, and footbeds available online. And if you’re not satisfied with your insole for any reason, they’ll replace it or refund your money, no questions asked.

3- Honey Soles Natural Cork Shoe Insoles

Cork is a really simple, natural substance that has been around for thousands of years, and the most important thing about it is that it keeps fungus and bacteria out of your shoes.

Honey Soles are designed to support your feet and feel light-weighted within your shoes, similar to flip-flops, for added comfort.

These durable insoles are designed with high-performance shock absorption technology and are exceptionally pleasant to use all day.

Cleverly crafted with high-quality, super-premium materials, it provides the substantial support you’ll need if you’ll be standing/walking for the majority of the day.

The soles offer a supportive contoured shape that promotes proper posture and foot alignment.

They aid in the reduction of over-pronation, which is the most common cause of plantar fasciitis. Honey Soles are simple to use and are put into the shoe to replace the insole.

It works well in shoes that have detachable insoles. Amazon ships the insoles all over the world. You can obtain a complete refund if you don’t like them for any reason.

4- ODMJ Cork Shoe Insoles Replacement Insert

Comfortable long-term cushioning insoles for boots and shoes These antibacterial Cork Shoe insoles are made of cork. The insole allows air to circulate and regulates moisture and odor.

This well-designed arch support promotes foot alignment and provides comfort and stability.

The anti-skid grip on the insoles promotes greater balance and foot alignment. Even without socks, the airy, odor-absorbing cork insole material keeps your feet fresh.

Natural cork insoles have the added benefit of being naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Sweat is wicked away by the cork layer. They do, however, get dirty from time to time.

Use a small application of hand soap and water to clean your insoles if they start to get dirty. They’re simple to keep clean and maintain.

Amazon has both men’s and women’s foot sizes for the cork insole inserts. It offers a complete return if you are dissatisfied with the purchase.

5- Birkenstock Men’s Super Birki-Clog Footbed Flat

Birkenstock Professional Men’s Super Birki-Clog Footbed Flat is a great deal you can’t afford to miss out on, and it comes in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of consumers.

When it comes to shoes and new cork insoles, Birkenstock is known for its original excellent quality.

They’ve been making the most comfortable and relaxing cork insoles utilizing organic cork and leather.


The Advantages of Cork Footbeds

Because cork insoles are shock resistant, they aid runners by providing enough cushioning.
The wonderful part about cork footbeds is that they are one of the most environmentally friendly products available.

Its moisture-wicking properties make it comfortable to use even during the rainy season, when other insoles are uncomfortable to wear in such conditions.

You can stroll through as many wet days as you like without jeopardizing the life of your cork-soled shoes.

Furthermore, when exposed to heat and weight, cork insoles may easily conform themselves to the shape of the wearer’s foot.

It’s also odor-resistant

Cork is a natural material that makes it ideal for people who want odor-free shoes and sandals.

It quickly absorbs moisture and sweat from the foot, keeping your feet dry and odor-free for an extended period of time.

Heat-resistant and long-lasting

Cork footbeds are both heat resistant and long-lasting. In fact, they become more comfy the longer you wear them.

This is due to the fact that the natural heat from your feet aids the footbed in molding to the shape of your foot.

This not only improves walking comfort, but it also serves as an orthopedic insole for your feet, preventing all types of foot ailments.

When you use these insoles, the chances of acquiring foot pain, knee pain, or ankle problems are limited.

For a pain-free experience, it’s more durable

These cork footbeds are extremely low in weight, making them ideal for persons suffering from Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, and other foot-related medical issues.

Cork footbeds are also a good choice because they are more durable than other insole materials such as gel or plastic.

Cork materials, despite their capacity to mold to some extent, remain firmer than other footbed materials, resulting in superior foot alignment and arch support.

Low-impact and beneficial to your knees

Cork sandals and shoes are highly comfortable, making them one of the greatest sustainable sandal and shoe options.

When people have problems with their feet, ankles, or knees, medical professionals frequently prescribe wearing cork footwear.

When carved into insoles, the fibrous substance gains elasticity. Similarly, when you walk, your feet are cushioned for added support, resulting in reduced impact on your knees, shins, and back.

Who Can Benefit from the Shoe Cork Insoles?

The Shoe String Cork Insoles are part of the Shoe String collection, which includes everything you’ll need to customise your shoe until you achieve the right fit and comfort. Suitable for:

  • Shoes from the store that don’t fit well
  • Replace the shoe bed in store-bought shoes or resurrect vintage shoes
  • Feet that slip and slide within the shoe
  • Shoes having a poor grip on the inside of the foot
  • Feet that demand more support from within the shoe
  • Shoes that rub on the bottom of the foot excessively

What Are the Benefits of Cork Shoe Inserts?

Not only may Plantar Fasciitis and high arches create a lot of discomfort and suffering in your foot, but so can being overweight.

Extra tension might cause your heel pad to wear down faster, especially if you are standing for lengthy periods of time or walking on a really hard surface like concrete.

And because your natural shock absorbers aren’t working as well as they should, plantar fasciitis pain might develop.

People suffering from these foot issues now have the option of using cork inserts in their shoes or sandals.

Orthopedic cork insoles are available for high heels, hiking boots, ski boots, and other footwear to provide improved cushioning and support no matter where you are.


If you spend a lot of time on your feet, consider investing in a pair of fashionable cork footbed shoes or sandals.

They are both natural and extremely comfortable, ensuring that you have relaxed feet all day.

There is no excuse for not purchasing one because they are available at many online shopping portals and come with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product!

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