5+ Best Soccer Cleat Insoles For You

Soccer cleats can be a real annoyance. Instead of your entire foot making contact with the ground, only sections of it do.

In this case, you’ll need to use insoles to compensate for the absence of support. The best Soccer cleats insoles can improve your shoe’s comfort and stability.

Why do soccer cleats require insoles?

You’re on the field to play, so soccer cleats aren’t designed to be comfortable. That is, in part, why you require them.

Pain reduction

Athletes have aches and pains on a regular basis, and insoles can help relieve them. Your feet are clearly overworked, and it’ll only be a matter of time until your muscles begin to complain. Before you realize it, you’ve developed a full-blown case of plantar fasciitis.

Insoles keep your alignment healthy and right, and they provide enough support for your feet. This relieves the pain from any current or future injuries.

Prevention of Injuries

Insoles, as previously indicated, prevent injury, but not just from overworking muscles. You’re out there jogging around, kicking a ball, and occasionally missing. You’ll need solid shoes or insoles to keep you from stumbling and falling.

Insoles can assist prevent falls by providing the necessary balance. It isn’t perfect, but it is better than nothing. You could get wounded if you don’t have assistance, and comfort plays a part in that. Insoles can thus provide both comfort and support.

Enhancement of performance

Did you realize that wearing comfortable shoes might improve your game? Your shoes have a significant impact on your performance, from kicking accuracy to speed. As a result, you’ll need comfy shoes so you won’t be distracted!

Insoles can also help you play better by improving your sensory feedback and responses, allowing you to move faster and more precisely.

Soccer Cleat Insoles

What to look for in soccer cleat insoles

If you want to reap the benefits listed above, make sure you get the proper insoles for your needs. Here are a few things to think about.

Support for the heels

All insoles require some level of support, but how much? Although your pain levels should reflect this, we always advocate purchasing the most supportive insole available. This is to keep you safe in the future.

If you experience little to no pain, though, you can opt for a shallow cup. A deeper cup with raised edges, potentially one that creates a narrow form, will be required for more agony. This is to keep your heel in place and prevent harm from slippage.

Support for the arch

You want your arches to be supported as well, but first, you must determine which arch type you have. To find it, pour some water onto a light concrete surface, step on it, and leave tracks on the floor. Your arch type is determined by your footprint.

  • High arches: Your foot outline is hardly visible on the ground, and there is a huge gap between your foot and toe markings.
  • Your foot shape is lacking a curved section on the inside, and there’s a minor gap between the foot and toe lines.
  • Low arches/flat feet: The entire form of your foot is visible on the ground, with little to no space between the foot and toe lines.


Breathability is important in any shoe, but it is especially important in athletic footwear. To avoid becoming sweaty, maybe fungal, and stinking out your shoes, make sure your feet have enough room to breathe.

Insoles that control odor are also a good choice because they keep your shoes fresh and your feet dry.


You want your soccer cleats to be snug, but not too tight. Keep an eye on how bulky your insole is, and if it’s causing you pain, go up a size in your shoes. If your shoes are suddenly too big, it’s best to go back to your prior shoe size and get a thinner insole.


Insoles are available for both narrow and wide feet, just like shoes. Make sure your insole is the right width for your foot; otherwise, it will be extremely unpleasant and possibly harmful. If you put a typical foot in a wide insole, you may find yourself sliding and stumbling.

Consider our post on what do shoe width letters imply if you need help establishing your foot width. There’s a men’s and women’s width chart, as well as every shoe width available.


Some insoles are available in a “one size fits all” configuration, which is acceptable if you don’t mind reducing the insole to fit your shoe. However, we recommend that you look for one that is more suitable to your size. You don’t want an insole that’s too thin to cut readily. Plus, there’s a lot that may go wrong when clipping your own insole. It can be a complete waste of time.


Look for insoles that have enough padding. This could be EVA foam, gel, or another type of foam. The gel is great for massaging your heel and ball of the foot, while EVA foam is both supportive and sensual. Other foam varieties will suffice, but the gel or EVA foam would provide the best comfort and security.

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Reviews of the best soccer cleat insoles

Steve’s Favorite: Currex CLEATPRO


The clue is in the name of CLEATPRO. Not only that, but Currex offers insoles for a variety of sports, including soccer and cycling. Furthermore, the organization has a slew of sports-related brand partners, indicating that this is a definite top pick.

Another aspect that distinguishes these as truly top-of-the-line options is their unique arch-type design. As previously stated, arches require varying levels of support based on their height; nevertheless, one single insole type covers all three.

It’s not one of those obnoxious “one insole fits all arches” gimmicks. You can choose your arch type and size, and an insole will be made specifically for you. This is a feature that customers appreciate.

Soccer Cleat Insoles

They also like the anti-slip construction and great stability of the insole. The footbed grabs your shoe on one side and your socks on the other, despite the shallow heel cup. While maneuvering the soccer pitch, this keeps your foot in place.

In addition to providing stability, the insole is designed to relieve discomfort, fatigue, and pressure on your feet. This is intended to boost your performance and reduce injuries, and users report that it is effective.

The insoles do not work as effectively for flat feet as they do for other arch types, according to customers. Some people also thought the insoles could be more sturdy. Aside from that, the insoles were effective, breathable, and assisted in reducing the sensation of the cleats on the feet.


  • Choose your arch type to find the ideal supportive insole.
  • Non-slip to the extreme.
  • Breathable.
  • Reduce the pressure on your feet caused by cleats.


  • The one with the low arch isn’t as good as the others.
  • Durability isn’t without flaws.

Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles by EASYFEET


If you already have foot problems and want to get rid of them, these are the insoles to choose from. Customers say they do a good job of relieving the pain of pre-existing plantar fasciitis.

These insoles are designed for tougher shoes, such as boots, but because to their harsh nature, they will work well with cleats. The insoles have a wide, flat design that provides excellent support for your foot, arches, and heels.

When it comes to supporting, this pair is designed specifically for high arches and assists with the pronation concerns that come with that arch type. As a result, joint pain caused by foot diseases or cleat pressure is alleviated. Some users, however, believed the support was too far forward, while others did not feel any wrong pressure.

Soccer Cleat Insoles

For about a week after purchase, the cleat pressure will continue with some amplification. These insoles may cause you to experience unpleasant pressure until you break them in. They take a long time to break in, so start by wearing them for a few hours at a time and gradually increase.

If the shoes become too uncomfortable, concentrate on simply feeling the heel and ball of the foot, as there is some massaging gel in those locations. These regions are designed to massage your feet, while the remainder of the insole is comprised of antimicrobial foam that will keep you clean and dry.

No worries if you don’t like the gel or the long break-in period. The shoes come with a one-year warranty, so you may return or replace them at any time if you believe you have a defective model.


  • Gel components are massaged.
  • There is a lot of toe support.
  • It works wonders for pain alleviation.
  • The one-year warranty is included.


  • A lengthy break-in period is required.
  • Some people find the arch uncomfortable.

Memory Foam Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis by Happystep


These are the insoles for you if you want all of your cleat alleviation to come from cushioning. They’re made of thick memory foam to relieve all pressure from your shoe’s pointed portions.

The memory foam jumps back into place two seconds after you take your feet out of the shoes, making them feel brand new with each wear.

Soccer Cleat Insoles

The insoles include a small heel cup and some support for neutral arches in addition to giving support. Users, on the other hand, think the heels could use additional cushioning when standing for lengthy periods of time or doing a lot of footwork.

These insoles also cause sweaty feet, which is a given with memory foam because it reflects heat. However, many people believe it is a fair price to pay for such a comfortable, soft, and pressure-free insole.


  • Rebounding quickly.
  • Always have the sensation of being brand new.
  • The cleats are no longer under any pressure.
  • In the heel, there is enough support.


  • For some users, the cushioning is insufficient.
  • Your toes will perspire.

Superfeet Unisex-Adult Car€bon Pain Relief Strong and Thin Insoles


Here are some terrific thin insoles that function well in shoes that are too tight or too narrow. They’re robust but soft, featuring carbon on the bottom for great stability and foam on top for comfort.

The foam continues to the sides, becoming thinner and floppier as it curls up within small shoes. These insoles will not need to be cut to fit your soccer cleats. The insoles, despite their thin edges, remain solid and comfy, as they should be.

Soccer Cleat Insoles

The insoles are well-liked by users, who claim that the shock absorption is as good as it should be. Despite the insoles’ general low-profile, thin construction, it manages to relieve pressure on the foot and reduce the feel of the cleats.

Many customers believe that these insoles are ideal for all foot types, as they work well for both wide and thin feet. However, they’re designed to support neutral arches, so while they’re fine for any shape, they’re not the ideal choice for different arch kinds.

When it comes to arches, folks with lower arches say the carbon beneath the insole digs into their feet. The fact that they squeak was another annoyance for users.


  • Supportive.
  • They’re thin enough to not add bulk to little shoes.
  • It’s suitable for both wide and thin feet.
  • Exceptionally stable.


  • Squeaky.
  • Carbon has the potential to bite through low arches.

Full-length Physix Gear Sport orthotic inserts


This is an excellent pair of insoles to choose from if you’re searching for something more medical-grade. They’re not only advised by podiatrists but they’re also designed to address a variety of medical conditions.

Plantar fasciitis is one of the issues they address. They accomplish this by offering proper arch support, which is especially important for flat feet. Then, further back, of all the insoles we’ve looked at today, this one has the deepest heel cup. This stabilizes your heel, reducing heel spurs, Achilles tendinitis, and other issues.

Because the material is medical-grade, it will endure a long time and withstand whatever the soccer field may throw at it. The insoles also have a non-slip top and bottom, which ensures that your foot and the insole stay in position on the soccer field.

Soccer Cleat Insoles

Finally, the material is antibacterial, which is ideal for soccer players’ sweaty feet.

The bad news is that there is almost no padding! Because the focus of these insoles is on long-term support, cushioning is essentially non-existent. If you want some cushioning, we recommend wearing thick socks with these.

Another problem that users have noticed is in the width. These insoles come in both men’s and women’s sizes, but they’re better for guys. Many female consumers will find them excessively wide, and this isn’t a material that can be easily trimmed.

These insoles are excellent if you’re a man or a wide-footed woman who doesn’t mind a lack of cushioning. If you don’t fit into that narrow category, you’ll have to look at the other insoles on our list.

Ladies, if you really want to give these a try, wear larger socks to add some thickness to your feet.


  • Extremely helpful.
  • Material that is suitable for medical use.
  • The heel cup is deep.
  • Perfect for flat feet.


  • For most ladies, it’s too big.
  • There was no padding, which caused some customers pain.

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