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Thursday boot sizes are half a size too big, so go down a size to get the greatest fit.

Customers say Thursday Boot Company makes comfortable boots at reasonable costs, but there’s one catch: you’ll need your shoe size to get a pair online if you’re not from New York. Only New York has physical storefronts.

Many shoe connoisseurs hold Thursday boots in high respect, but aren’t always sure how to size them.

So, let’s talk about thursday boots sizing and how to get the greatest fit.

Thursday Boots Size Charts

Customers state that Thursday boots run a half size too large. For this reason, check out the charts below for the equivalent Thursday boots sizes in US, EU and UK sizing.

Men’s Thursday Boots Size Chart

Thursday Boots US Size EU Size UK Size
5.5 6 39 5.5
6 6.5 39 6
6.5 7 40 6.5
7 7.5 40–41 7
7.5 8 41 7.5
8 8.5 41 – 42 8
8.5 9 42 8.5
9 9.5 42 – 43 9
9.5 10 43 9.5
10 10.5 43 – 44 10
10.5 11 44 10.5
11 11.5 44 – 45 11
11.5 12 45 11.5
12 12.5 45 – 46 12
12.5 13 46 12.5
13 14 47 13
14 15 48 14
15 16 49 15

Women’s Thursday Boots Size Chart

Thursday Boots US Size EU Size UK Size
5 4.5 35 2.5
5.5 5 35–36 3
6 5.5 36 3.5
6.5 6 36–37 4
7 6.5 37 4.5
7.5 7 37–38 5
8 7.5 38–39 5.5
8.5 8 39 6
9 8.5 40 6.5
9.5 9 40–41 7
10 9.5 41 7.5
10.5 10 41–42 8
11 10.5 42 8.5
11.5 11 42–43 9

What Happens if My Boots Don’t Fit?

It’s not the end of the world if your footwear are too tiny.

Learn how to make shoes smaller by doing some research. Wearing thick socks or filling the toes might also help to make too large shoes fit better.

However, for a variety of reasons, it’s still a good idea to make sure your boots fit before buying them.

If Too Big …

Your feet are free to slip and slide around in your boots if they are too big. Walking and running are both risky in this situation. You could trip, roll your ankle, or have blisters, especially below the Achilles tendon on the heel.

If you’ve read our post about the consequences of wearing too-big shoes, you’ll know there’s a lot worse out there. Tripping and blisters are only the beginning!

If Too Small …

It’s possible that having shoes that are too small is even worse than having shoes that are too big. Tight-fitting shoes can cause a slew of problems, including:

  • Bunions are large, painful lumps on the side of your foot, near the base of your big toe.
  • Calluses that form all over the foot, especially between the toes, are known as corns.
  • Hammertoe: Toes curl naturally when redistricted, but in hammertoe, this happens even when the feet are bare—corns are common with hammertoe.
  • Crossover toe: When barefoot, the toes cross over each other and stay that way.
  • Ingrown toenail: When your toenails are constantly pressed, they don’t have enough room to grow, resulting in ingrown toenails.

Wear shoes that fit if you can’t locate an exact fit. If you can’t find an exact fit, go too big over too tiny.

Correct Shoe Fitting: Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, Thursday Boot Company doesn’t provide a chart relating shoe size to foot length.

As shoe sizes related to foot length can vary, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you get the right fit.

Wear Correct Socks

With your Thursday boots, what kind of socks will you be wearing?

If you only plan on using them in the winter, you’ll need thicker socks, so try them on with a pair of boots you currently own. If the boots are too small, consider ordering a half-size larger when purchasing Thursday boots.

If you wish to use the boots in the summer rather than the winter, measure your size with light socks.

The same rules apply here: if your present boots don’t fit, go up or down in size.

Check Your Size At Night

Putting pressure on your feet and walking around causes them to enlarge during the day. Check your shoe size at night or in the evening because of this.

Put on a pair of boots you already own at the end of the day to check how they fit. If they’re too small, go up a size in your Thursday boots.

Checking Your Thursday Boots Fit

So you’ve placed your order for Thursday boots but aren’t sure if they’ll fit properly.

Check out these hints to see if you’ve discovered the right fit or if your Thursday boots need to be returned.

General Size Check Tests

Insole Check

Pull off the replaceable insole and step on it to measure it against your foot before doing anything else.

The shoe does not fit if there is any overhang in the front, back, or sides. You’ll need to expand your horizons.

Index Finger Check

Can you get your finger behind your heel and down the rear of the boot?

If it doesn’t, it’s way too tight.

If you can, but it’s a tight fit, it’s still too tight; however, you should walk around in the boots for a few hours to check if they’re uncomfortable.

If the boots are tall, you’ll need to get down under the heel with a stick the same size as your finger. Use a stick that has a blunt or smooth, rounded edge!

Thumb Check

The thumb rule is to make sure the length and width are both correct. You should be able to push down in front of your longest toe with the width of your thumb. If you can’t, the boots aren’t big enough.

Your feet naturally slide forward as you walk. You can’t have them squishing against the boots; else, it’ll be uncomfortable, painful, and irritating.

Then repeat the test on the boot sides. Your thumb doesn’t have to be flat, but you should be able to press the outside of your thumb against the footbed.

Walking and Tightness Test

After you’ve confirmed that your boots pass the above tests, it’s time to lace them up and go for a walk.

Take a walk around your house for a while. This does not imply that you should do a tour of your home and keep the boots if they are comfortable. It translates to “walk in the boots.”

Carry on with your everyday routine. Cook, clean, and dance to some music. If your boots ache, they’re too small for you; you’ll need to go up a size.

However, if your feet seem to slide around a much inside the boots, you might need to go down a size.

Keep in mind that your boots should be a little snug. They shouldn’t be too tight in length or width, but the upper should be snug against the top of your foot. It’s a feature of the Thursday boots.

thursday boots sizing

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Thursday Boots Fit True To Size?

Thursday boots do not come in standard sizes. In US sizing, Thursday boots run half a size larger, so order a half-size smaller than you typically do. Thursday boots sizing, on the other hand, is accurate to UK sizing when stated in US sizes for UK buyers.

Should Boots Fit Tight or Loose?

Thursday boots, for example, are designed to fit snugly. Many models, on the other hand, are designed to fit looser than conventional shoes. For more information, contact the manufacturer, and never wear shoes that are excessively tight or too loose.

Should Your Heel Move in Boots?

It’s typical for your heel to move a little in new boots, but this should stop once you’ve broken them in. This is due to the fact that the leather will adapt to your foot and create a unique fit.

Thursday Boots Sizing; The Bottom Line

The size tables above will assist you in choosing the suitable Thursday boot size. Remember that in US sizing, they’re usually half a size too big. If you’re from the United Kingdom, the boots’ sizing corresponds to yours, making it a simple buy.

Check the fit as soon as the boots come to ensure you get a prompt return. Don’t settle with ill-fitting boots!

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