Where Are Vionic Shoes Made – Benefits of Wearing Vionic Shoes

Vionic shoes were unknown to the orthopedic medical community in the United States ten years ago. That’s not surprising, given that Vionic’s fashion-forward range of orthotic footwear debuted in 2007. Since then, the ground-breaking men’s and women’s shoes have dominated the orthotic and comfort shoe sectors. From sandals to sneakers, boots to high heels, Vionic shoes have become synonymous with elegant and supportive footwear for every occasion. In this article, newjordan2019shoes.com will introduce Where are vionic shoes made.

where are vionic shoes made

Where Are Vionic Shoes Made

We’re sure you’ll agree that feet are crucial modes of transportation, which is why they deserve to be loved and cared for. Vionic Shoes creates fashionable, supportive footwear for men and women that features the brand’s trademark Three-Zone Comfort for all-day wear.

Several significant media publications included our Vionic Shoes review, including Today, Men’s Health, Oprah Daily, Footwear Plus, Refinery29, Prevention, InStyle, People, Marie Claire, The Zoe Report, Reader’s Digest, and others. Vionic has a whopping 77.5K Instagram followers and nearly 200K Facebook fans.

Chronic orthopedic pain can be debilitating, but you shouldn’t settle for mediocre treatment. This Vionic Shoes review will give you the lowdown on the brand, its top-selling goods, customer reviews, promotions and discounts. And more in order to help you decide if this footwear is the best option for calming down your barking dogs.

Where Are Vionic Shoes Made

Phillip Vasyli, a seasoned Australian podiatrist, founded Vionic in 1979 with the goal of creating a low-cost technique of treating discomfort for the numerous people who suffer from common orthotic disorders. The brand’s product range is inspired by his innovation of heat-moldable insoles. Which combine Three-Zone Comfort stability, cushioning, and “ultimate arch support” with design.

The company, which was originally dubbed Orthaheel after Vasyli’s in-shoe support technology (now known as Vio-MotionTM technology), relocated to the United States from Australia in 2008. Six years later, it rebranded as Vionic, delivering seasonal footwear collections of all-occasion modern classics and fresh trends with supportive technology integrated in, in search of a fresher and more futuristic-sounding moniker.

Vionic shoes and sandals feature a contoured shape that gives optimal support for the heel, arch, and ball of the foot, appropriately distributing weight and providing relief for a variety of common orthopedic ailments like plantar fasciitis. To guide its continued research and development, the brand has a scientific advisory group that includes podiatrists, sports medicine professionals, and others.

The brand was purchased by the footwear company Caleres Inc. in 2018, with the Vionic executive team remaining in place. Vionic’s headquarters are still in San Rafael, California, while the company’s goods are still made in China.

Now that you’ve seen the big picture, it’s time to get down to business. But, before we get into the meat of our Vionic Shoes review, let’s look at some of the brand’s most remarkable features.

Vionic Shoes: Are They Good For Your Feet?

where are vionic shoes made 1

Vionic boots, shoes, sandals, sneakers, and other footwear are made to alleviate foot pain and improve lower-limb alignment and health. Many items bear the American Podiatric Medical Association’s (APMA) Seal of Acceptance, indicating that they have been thoroughly assessed by certified podiatrists to assure their safety, quality, and effectiveness.

The Vionic website devotes a significant amount of space to the science underlying these items, as well as the company’s partnerships with world-renowned podiatrists, sports medicine specialists, trainers, and other professionals. With all of this heavy-duty cred, our Vionic Shoes review can confidently state that, indeed, these products are beneficial to your feet.

Is It Safe To Wear Vionic Shoes If You Have Back Pain?

Excess weight from obesity or pregnancy, weak joints, or lengthy times on your feet can all place a lot of strain on your spine, resulting in back pain. Better weight distribution, as well as greater stability and balance, can be achieved using orthotics or orthotic-inclusive shoes.

Vionic shoes provide clinically proven lower-body support and pain alleviation, despite the fact that they are non-prescription. Your spine will be better supported if your feet and legs are in better form.

For Whom Is Vionic Intended?

According to Vionic, over 70% of the global population suffers from lower-body problems caused by uneven weight distribution on the foot and poor alignment. The brand’s orthotic-compatible shoes can help everyone, from those who suffer from foot and lower-body pain on a daily basis to those who want to avoid it.

Vionic provides all-day, any-situation support by putting its unique orthotic technology into a wide range of footwear, from flats, heels, and wedges to sneakers, sandals, slippers, and more. Whether you’re an athlete, a high-heel fanatic, or someone who has gained weight due to pregnancy or obesity, this footwear can assist you to relieve stress.

where are vionic shoes made

Is there arch support in Vionic shoes?

While normal shoes’ insoles may provide some arch support, Vionic Vio-MotionTM footbed technology adds to that support by providing “Three-Zone Comfort with Ultimate Arch Support,” which takes into account the heel and ball of the foot. Vionic shoes strive to enhance alignment from the ground up by shoring up all of these podiatric pressure spots.

Is there a period of break-in for your shoes?

It’s pretty uncommon for your shoes to require a break-in period. However, some individuals aren’t aware that where their shoes are created has an impact on how they fit. So let’s get to the root of the problem. Take a quick look at the sole of your shoe before pulling out your tape measure. If you see words like “Crafted in France” or “Handmade in Brazil,” it was most likely made in that country.

We sometimes have to endure because of our large shoes. We are pleased to inform you, Lwt, that we have discovered some effective solutions to the problem.

Is Vionic a Good Investment?

A nice, supportive pair of shoes, according to this Vionic shoe review, is one of the most vital accessories you can acquire. Vionic delivers on its claim to provide shoes, sandals, and more that can assist reduce foot-related issues. Thanks to its science-backed orthotic technology and certifications from respectable medical organizations.

All of this is to suggest that this Vionic Shoes review believes the brand is well worth the investment.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Vionic?

So, while this brand talks the talk about podiatric health, can it walk the walk? Our Vionic Shoes review traveled to the streets (or at least the internet) to find out what customers thought of the footwear and its famous Orthaheel (now Vio-MotionTM) technology.

On the Vionic shoes website

Let’s start at vionicshoes.com, where the bestseller Tide II Toe Post Sandal has a whopping 4.5/5 star rating from 1,744 customers. Buyers raved about the arch support in these sandals. They also share about how they made it easy to live a true summer lifestyle.

“I bought these last summer, and they’re still as good as new!” Because of the arch support, I can finally wear flip-flops all year, just like everyone else in California. They’re my go-to when I need to get something quickly. One Golden State consumer exclaimed, “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!”

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On Amazon

The Joy Serena Ankle Boot has a global rating of 4.4/5 stars from 1,041 reviews on Amazon. The great majority of consumers praised how these Vionic booties provided them with the necessary support while also looking fashionable. This product received a brief but glowing review from one customer:

“My right arch has entirely collapsed. And I spend most of my time wearing sneakers with custom-made orthotics”. When I have to go out, however, I feel little ridiculous wearing sneakers. These [boots] are really fantastic. They are quite relaxing. My feet don’t hurt at all, and I can walk for a long time while wearing them. They’re also incredibly fashionable. They look well with slacks or a dress.”

The Robyn Flat from Nordstrom, another Vionic retail partner, has received an average rating of 4.5/5 stars based on 37 reviews. Buyers praised the comfort and style of these Vionic flats. With one stating, “I generally can’t wear flats because they hurt my arch.” With these, that is not the case. I have yellow and pewter versions and wear them with everything!”

It’s also worth noting that the brand warns on every product page that orthotic-support footwear can take some time to acclimate to. So that it recommends breaking in your shoes gradually.

Do Vionic shoes aid in the treatment of fallen arches?

Flat feet, often known as fallen arches, can cause a variety of problems, including persistent foot discomfort, leg weariness, and more. Vionic Vio-MotionTM technology, which provides much-needed arch support, can help ease these symptoms.

Is it true that Vionic shoes run true to size?

According to the brand, it works hard to ensure that its sizes are consistent throughout all of its lines. With the exception of the sandals, which are only available in entire sizes, the majority of its models fit true to size. If you’re half-size, Vionic suggests going down a size when purchasing these items.

What is the shipping policy of Vionic?

Vionic ships to the United States and Canada via various national ports. During the checkout process, taxes, tariffs, and customs are automatically added to orders.

What are the terms of Vionic’s return policy?

Customers in the United States and Canada can return their purchases for free within 30 days of purchase. To begin a return, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Enter your email address and order number at returns.vionicshoes.com.
  • Make a list of the products you want to return, then print a free return label and slip.
  • Use the slip provided to package your items and apply the label on the outside.
  • Drop off the package at any FedEx/Canada Post authorized location.
  • Within 7 business days, your return the process.
  • Original delivery expenses are not eligible for reimbursement.

Vionic is a footwear brand founded in 1979 by podiatrist Phillip Vasyli. After producing one of the first heat-moldable orthotics that could be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. Vasyli developed the shoe brand line. The purpose is to provide comfort for those with foot problems, featuring shoes with orthotic footbeds and other features.

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